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Upcoming Events at Clinkerdagger

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Recent Clinkerdagger Blog Posts

"when I'm serious"

When I am being serious about happy hour, I go to the bar at Clinkerdaggers and since their happy hour only goes from 4-6, I have to get their at 4:55 and I have to be serious about ordering my food and drink before 6. This gets a little crazy when I know I want to drink 2 drinks (okay fine, sometimes it's 3 and I can't drive home so I have to get a ride and then figure out how the heck to get back to Clinkerdaggers at 7:30 in the morning, but whatever, alcohol makes you think that's an easy operation when it really isn't). But the deals are amazing, I always get a $4 cocktail or wine and then 3 appetizers at around 5 bucks. I always give into the sweet potato fries even though I tell everyone that I won't have any and then they show up and I eat a dinner plate size of them. This place gets crowded....seriously crowded, so just get there right after work or whatever it is you're doing. Enjoy, it's delicious.

Posted by: on 04/01/09


What the hell does Clinkerdagger mean? Is it someone's last name? Does it have to do with a short, sharp knife that is clinking? Is it Reggadreknilc spelled backwards, and if so, what does that mean? I still don't know its definition after a few Google searches and an exploratory hunt on their website but what really skins my knuckles is that my spell checker doesn't recognize this curious little word, and its beginning to make me itch. I guess this all doesn't matter, what does concern me is the awesomeness of their Happy Hour. Their appetizers are half off, and I know when I get a large dish of king crab artichoke dip and house made bread for $7.50 that I should praise the Happy Hour Kings, or Princesses, what-have-you. I had a yummy cranberry mojito, and I don't like mojitos, for $4. They also have $4 glasses of wine and draft beer for all you winos and beer guzzlers. The only downside is that they close early, but that's okay, just head over to Scratch for their late night Happy Hour.

Posted by: Princess Penny Pincher on 03/18/09


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