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Steam Plant Grill

Happy Hour Specials at Steam Plant Grill
Upcoming Events at Steam Plant Grill

Upcoming Events at Steam Plant Grill

Recent Steam Plant Grill Blog Posts

Recent Steam Plant Grill Blog Posts

"Most Awesome Beer Ever? Maybe"

From the very first sip he took of his Vanilla Bourban Stout, I knew my boyfriend was in love. A look of pure bliss spread across his face as his first tentative sip turned into an admiring gulp. When he set his glass down and looked back up at me I knew that he was a goner. No beer would ever be as good, no drink would ever bring such happiness again. It was our first trip to the Steam Plant Grill to eat, and so far it was going pretty well. I had ordered a soda as well as a Rasberry Cheesecake Martini that was nice and fruity, and my boyfriend had taken the waitress's advice and ordered the Vanilla Bourban Stout. And he loved it. Our dinners were pretty good as well - I had the chicken cesear salad and he had a giant steak sandwich that looked like a turnover - but that paled in comparison to the boyfriend's beer. He described it as a vanilla, chocolate, rich flavor. I took a sip, but beer isn't my thing so I couldn't quite agree with him. Luckily my own drink was pretty tasty - though a little heavy on the whip cream - and my dinner was excellent so I was pretty happy as well.

Posted by: on 03/11/10

"Good Beer"

If you are not aware of the Steam Plant Grill then you need to be. They brew their own beer that covers the gamete of tastes. They are located in the Steam Plant which is a super cool place. Make sure to head down to check it out.

Posted by: on 04/11/09


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Steam Plant Grill's Hours of Operation

Sunday 3pm - 9:00pm
Monday 3pm - 9:00pm
Tuesday 3pm - 9:00pm
Wednesday 3pm - 9:00pm
Thursday 3pm - 9:00pm
Friday 3pm - 10:00pm
Saturday 12pm - 10:00pm

Address and Directions

Map and Driving Directions to Steam Plant Grill


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