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The Satellite Diner

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Upcoming Events at The Satellite Diner

Upcoming Events at The Satellite Diner

Recent The Satellite Diner Blog Posts

Recent The Satellite Diner Blog Posts

"Happenin' Place"

Besides Shari's and Perkins, The Satellite is the only restaurant to go to late night that will serve you up some food, except all those 24-hour fast food joints. If I remember correctly they are open until 4am Friday and Saturday. They serve up regular diner fare but check out the French toast that is served with cream cheese and fresh berries. I have yet to go to The Satellite and not see someone I know, it happens every single time. The waiters like to turn the tables really fast so if you aren't going to order, don't bother going, they will ask you to leave. Also watch out for the bathroom, last time I was there the lock didn't work and the whole restaurant was staring at my ass when someone prematurely opened the door. Good thing everyone was still inebriated from partying it up so I blended in. All in all this is the "it" place to be in downtown Spokane after a night of drinking and a good place to be to unwind before your drive home.

Posted by: Princess Penny Pincher on 03/20/09

"Late Night Cuisine"

Well, well, well. I can honestly say that I have never had a drink at the Satellite Diner. I have, however, eaten many meals there that were all after 2:00 am. This place is great, just make sure that if it is cold out you don't sit by the door. I think this is really the only place besides old reliable Taco Bell to have some food to help absorb some of that alcohol you have been drinking all night.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/14/09


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The Satellite Diner's Hours of Operation

Sunday 8am - 4:00am
Monday 7am - 4:00am
Tuesday 7am - 4:00am
Wednesday 7am - 4:00am
Thursday 7am - 4:00am
Friday 7am - 4:00am
Saturday 8am - 4:00am

Address and Directions

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