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Hurray for Happy Hour! - Zola

I've never been one for going out directly after work, especially during the week when I know I have to work again the next day, but this was the kind of day where I could really use some "happy." So a coworker and I headed out to Zola as soon as I was done at 5pm to sample their version of happy hour. I had been to Zola once before with a birthday party, and while the drink I had that night was excellent (Long Island Ice Tea for the win) the place was loud and packed and I had an unpleasant experience in the restroom with another patron, so I had not been back. But I was willing to give the bar another try, especially because my coworker said the happy hour was such a deal. She ordered bottled beers and I ordered margaritas, which were wonderfully yummy. I'm also fairly certain they were included in the happy hour deal, but I can't be sure because I never got around to asking. The bar was full when we arrived at 5:30pm but cleared out quite a bit by 6pm. We sat at the bar, drank our drinks, and chatted for a couple of hours. And I had a really good time. I'd definitely try them again for happy hour or even just regular hours, but next time I might actually take the time to find out what drinks are included in the specials.

Posted by: Just Mia on 02/19/13



Hello Everyone. I am trying to figure out how to get people to visit and also find out how to get more people buying banners on our site. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks,

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 06/18/12


A Laid Back Evening at Capone's - Capone's Pub and Grill - Post Falls

I love that Capone's in Post Falls feels the same and yet different from its CDA compatriot. The deco is similar, the menu is similar, but the tone isn't quite the same. The Post Falls location seems so much more laid back, or at least it has been the times I've been there (both during the week and on weekends). I love Capone's because it has such a "neighborhood bar/meeting place" type feel to it. Plus they carry Mike's Hard varieties on their menu, which is awesome because I'm not fond of regular beer but will drink Mike's Hard like soda.

Posted by: Just Mia on 05/19/12


Where Great Food Meets Awesome Service - China Cafe

I've been going to China Cafe for years. Once upon a time it was my grandmother's favorite lunch spot and so we visited at least twice a month. Over time that has changed and she's lost interest in Chinese food, but as I haven't I will still frequent this place as often as I can. Their food is yummy, especially the sweet and sour chicken and egg fu yung. But it is their service that I appreciate the most. Normally the restaurant is pretty quiet on Sunday evenings, when I normally come in for dinner with my dad. But last night, though there was only two other tables of people when we arrived, at least half a dozen more groups came in while we were eating. This isn't a restaurant with a large wait staff either. Just one very friendly waitress who always remembers my drink order and the family that owns the place. So things started running a little more slowly than what I'm used to. But no one complained. No one got impatient. The waitress kept a smile on her face and a joke in her voice as she greeted everyone that walked in and took their orders. It is so nice to have a good meal surrounded by great people with awesome attitudes. China Cafe may not be the fanciest or greatest restaurant ever, but it will remain one of my favorites because I always feel welcome there.

Posted by: Just Mia on 05/13/12


Come for the Fish, Stay for the Service - The Chalet Restaurant

The Chalet has been around forever, serving up some of the best comfort-style food Spokane has to offer. The decor is simple and somewhat old school European, the menu is full of sandwiches and soups and the never-ending seafood "special," and lunch is busy every day of the week. I love the food (even though my Cobb and Chef salads are usually so full of toppings that I'm not sure they have any lettuce) but I love the service more. The waitstaff remembers you (if you go in often enough like I tend to do) and they are happy to build combo plates for you, over pile whip cream on your pie, and help you find that lettuce on your overstuff salad if you need it. In a time where things change more than they stay the same, it is nice to take a time out at The Chalet and get the same old food and the same old service they've always had.

Posted by: Just Mia on 05/10/12


What the Pho

I cannot believe how many Pho restaurants there are in the Northwest. If you add in all the Teriyaki places then you are guaranteed to find one in pretty much any strip mall. The reason of the success. Cause chicken teriyaki is amazing.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/10/12


Three Margaritas, No Waiting - Outback Steakhouse (CdA)

It has been probably 10 years since I ate at an Outback Steakhouse. But I have memories of having pretty good meals there, so I was nothing but happy to tag along with TheBoyfriend and his family on his sister's birthday (happy 25th!). We went early in the evening as we had other plans, so arrived a little before 5pm and got a table immediately. Drinks were up first and I was having trouble picking a margarita flavor (my new fave drink) when I lucked upon - what I now consider - the BEST IDEA EVER. The menu offered a 'Rita Trio: three 4oz margaritas in pomegranate, mango, and lime. When that drink "sampler" arrived I was in heaven. I started with the mango and loved it. I had the lime second and was ecstatic. I finished up with the pomegranate and it was delightful. Sure it made me feel a bit like a lush to have so many glasses set in front of me, but it was worth it. The food was pretty awesome as well. We shared a Blooming Onion to start, and I had Parmesan pasta with shrimp for dinner. I was so full by the end but I enjoyed every single bite. It was nearly 6pm when we were leaving the restaurant was filled up, so if you are heading out to Outback on a Friday or Saturday night, I would recommend getting there plenty early (they open at 4pm on those nights) to make sure you don't have to wait for a table.

Posted by: Just Mia on 03/02/12


Friday is Fun Day with Extra Teriyaki - Capone's Pub and Grill

It has obviously been a while since I was in a bar on a Friday night, because I was not entirely prepared for how busy it was going to be when I walked in. Every table was full, servers were having to contort themselves into impressive dance moves to get between chairs, and the noise level was basically a dull roar. But busy can be fun, especially when you are with friends and family and eating awesome food and drinking tasty beverages. To eat I had the Hawaiian burger, dripping with ham, pineapple, Teriyaki sauce, and Swiss cheese. It was a giant mess to eat but finger-licking good so no big deal. I paired my burger up with a couple of Mike's Hard Limeades in the bottle. I'm not super fond of beer but I love the malt stuff, especially when it is like Mike's and tastes like soda. I was only at the pub for a couple of hours, and it was a chaotic mess the whole time, but sometimes it is a lot of fun to brave the crowds and experience things a little on the wild side.

Posted by: Just Mia on 02/17/12


Best Burgers Ever! - Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (Downtown)

Red Robin has the best burgers in town. You always leave full and you can count on the burger being delicious. My favorite thing besides the burger is dipping their delicious fries in ranch. Service is always great and food always comes out fast.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 11/21/11


Best Burgers Ever! - Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (Northside)

Red Robin has the best burgers in town. You always leave full and you can count on the burger being delicious. My favorite thing besides the burger is dipping their delicious fries in ranch. Service is always great and food always comes out fast.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 11/21/11


Best Burgers Ever! - Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (Valley)

Red Robin has the best burgers in town. You always leave full and you can count on the burger being delicious. My favorite thing besides the burger is dipping their delicious fries in ranch. Service is always great and food always comes out fast.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 11/21/11


So Much Shrimp! - Red Lobster (Spokane)

It was a day that will live in gastronomical infamy for the rest of my days. A day that started out innocently enough with a happy family reunion (my sister arrived in town from Houston, Texas on a visit) and the promise of a tasty lunch at the national seafood chain. Little did I know going in to the restaurant with my sister, father, aunt, and grandma, that within only a few hours I would be more full of shrimp than I had ever been in my life! We arrived amidst their never-ending shrimp special, and each proceeded to order heaping plates of crustaceans. I had the shrimp alfredo (amazing sauce), shrimp scampi, garlic shrimp, and parmesan crusted shrimp, as well as bread and a stuffed mushroom and way too many glasses of soda. The rest of the family ate their own varieties of shrimp (there were several choices and each new order could be something different) and even when we were all really, REALLY stuffed, my sister kept insisting we keep eating. By the time we rolled out of there we had eaten enough shrimp to last several lifetimes but I think it was worth it. Red Lobster really knows what they are doing as far as shrimp is concerned, but I don't think I can handle that particular special more then once a year.

Posted by: Just Mia on 10/24/11


Finally a Beer I Really Like! - MacKenzie River Pizza Co.

It was bound to happen eventually. With the almost infinite seeming number of beers existing in the world (especially in this region where micro brews are so popular) I was bound to eventually find one that I really liked. I'm almost fond of Asahi Black (from and I took several sips of the Vanilla Bourbon Stout at Steamplant Grill without gagging (I think that was the name of that beer) but I've never really tried a beer that I would have ordered my own glass of. That is, until I tried the oatmeal stout from MacKenzie River Pizza Co. in Coeur d'Alene. It was so smooth, so surprisingly sweet, so very tasty. It wasn't my drink, it was TheBoyfriend's, but I would have been happy if I had been the one to order it. I had a fruity mixed drink instead, that though tasty, was not quite as awesome as that beer. Luckily I had this amazing pizza to make up for it. The Thai Pie, with peanut sauce, chicken, little mandarin oranges, red peppers, and peanuts, is so tasty that I could eat it every day and probably die a happy woman. TheBoyfriend had the Hot Hawaiian with BBQ sauce, chicken, bacon, pineapple, and jalapeno peppers, that was just as good. I've never been fond of jalapenos or super spicy stuff (just like my non-existent enjoyment of beer) but this pizza was super good. I didn't even mind losing sensation in my tongue for several minutes. Between the beer and the pizza, I have to say MacKenzie River is one of the best restaurants I've eaten at in CDA. I'm excited there are locations to check out in Spokane now as well.

Posted by: Just Mia on 10/13/11


Great Sushi - Wasabi Bistro

We met some friends here and were very happy about the service and the food. The decor is amazing and they tell you all about the firm that designed it. If you have not already stopped by check it out and let us know if the happy hours are happening.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 10/06/11


Steak Fries - Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (Downtown)

If you like burgers but love fries the always go to Red Robin. You get bottomless fries with every burger. But you have to watch out...the burger will fill you up so you can't eat all your delicious fries. Try them with ranch and/or blue cheese next time.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 10/03/11


Steak Fries - Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (Northside)

If you like burgers but love fries the always go to Red Robin. You get bottomless fries with every burger. But you have to watch out...the burger will fill you up so you can't eat all your delicious fries. Try them with ranch and/or blue cheese next time.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 10/03/11


Steak Fries - Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (Valley)

If you like burgers but love fries the always go to Red Robin. You get bottomless fries with every burger. But you have to watch out...the burger will fill you up so you can't eat all your delicious fries. Try them with ranch and/or blue cheese next time.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 10/03/11


Vietnamese Food Makes Me Happy - Pho Thanh and Cafe

There is something about cool shrimp spring rolls wrapped in see-through wrappers, hot pho soup with large chunks of chicken, and soft rice piled high beside spicy beef, that makes a meal better than average. And not only is the food tasty at Pho Thanh, but there is tons of it. Each plate is heaping with meat and veggis and spices. There are also a variety of dipping sauces offered, and sodas and beer available to drink. I don't know when the busy time of day is for this restaurant, as they've never been overwhelmed with customers when I've gone in, but even if they are standing room only the food is worth it.

Posted by: Just Mia on 09/10/11


Post Street Ale House - Post Street Ale House

I have a new fascination with Post Street Ale House. To be honest, it hasn't always been one of my favorite places to go. It always felt a little like a glorified Applebee's to me. But, I walk by there on my way to work every day and more out of convenience, decided to meet a friend for happy hour. I was delightfully surprised by my experience there. For one, their happy hour is truly happy. With half off all beverages from 3 pm to 6 pm, you can get a smokin' deal for a Kilt Lifter at $2 on draft. Second, we sat down and immediately were served regardless of how busy it was in there. I had a water and highlight of menu before I could even get my ID out to show her. The deals continue at their late night menu. Had we showed up after 10 pm all meals would have only been $5. If it's anything like the nachos we shared, it would be more than enough food and delicious. We each had dinner and still had leftovers and they had all the goodies at no extra charge. Overall, I was impressed and glad to disprove prior thoughts. Happy Hour 3 -6 - Half off all beverages 10 to close - Late night menu all $5 and under Open 11 am to close 808 W Sprague Avenue Spokane WA 99201 509-789-6900

Posted by: on 08/31/11


Irish Death on tap? Let's live here! - Waddell's Neighborhood Pub and Grill

Apparently I'm the last to know how awesome Waddell's is. Even cable television is in the know, as Waddell's was featured on an episode of "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives." And after just one visit to this pub, I can understand why. The food is amazing. I had a chicken Caesar wrap with pasta salad. The portions were huge, the chicken tender, the dressing flavorful, and the tortilla soft and chewy. It was one of the best chicken Caesar wraps I've had, and I'm an amateur expert on the dish as I've eaten them all over town. The Boyfriend had fish and chips (though he substituted chips for a salad) and seemed to be in pub food heaven. He loves his fish and chips almost as much as I love my chicken Caesar wraps. The fish servings were enormous, I was surprised he managed to eat it all. But though the food was awesome and the service was quick and friendly, the very best part of dinner was the fact that Irish Death was on tap. When The Boyfriend saw that on the beer list his eyes lit up like a kid at Xmas and I knew that we would be frequenting this pub again, and again, and again, in the future.

Posted by: Just Mia on 07/30/11


Chasing Awesome Sushi - Sushi Maru

Quick hand/eye reflexes are important when eating at a conveyor belt style sushi restaurant. Once you see something that looks good, you need to be able to grab it as soon as possible, otherwise it will pass you by. Then you either have to chase it down (which I have found myself doing once or twice) or wait until it comes around again (just hoping that no one else decides they want it instead). Luckily a restaurant like Sushi Maru has lots of yummy items traveling through the dining room on their conveyor belt, so even if you miss out on one thing, another thing will come along shortly after that looks just as good. This was my first visit to Spokane's own conveyor belt sushi restaurant and I was not disappointed, as the large pile of plates at the counter in front of me could easily attest too. The orange chicken was sweet, the gyoza were crispy, the Godzilla roll was spicy, and the crab/mayo salad things (whose names I can't remember) were giant mouthfuls of goodness. Watching the food go by on the belt was relaxing and a bit hypnotizing; I could have sat all evening just watching it.

Posted by: Just Mia on 05/21/11


Its All About the Pad Thai - Linnie's II Thai Cuisine

The first Thai food I ever ate was at Linnie's in downtown Spokane, and it was awesome. When I moved up the South Hill I fully intended to try some of the other Thai restaurants in the area, but lucked into finding Linnie's II in a shopping center near Hastings. While much smaller in size and much less busy than its counterpart, Linnie's II has the same great food I'd come to know and love. When we went to dinner that Friday night it was busier than I'd seen it before, between a large group taking up multiple tables for a party and a steady stream of take out customers. I ordered my Pad Thai, this time with beef (as I like to alternate between that and chicken) and no stars for spiciness. I don't do well with spiciness. I also had a glass of Fu-ki Plum wine, chilled. It was super sweet and went well with the tamarind sauce on my noodles. The boyfriend had some sort of peanut concoction, four stars on the spicy scale, with white rice and a Asahi beer. He seemed as pleased as usual with his entree. In regular life he hates peanuts and peanut butter, but in the world of Thai food he loves them. Go figure. The service at this little gem of a restaurant is made up of only a single guy most of the time, so when its busy it can be a little slow. But the food is always excellent, the prices are very reasonable, and usually the wait isn't too bad, so its totally worth it to stop by for dinner.

Posted by: Just Mia on 04/08/11


Celebrating Another Successfully Filed Tax Return! - Wolf Lodge Inn Steakhouse

Every year I help my dad file his tax return (which basically means I file it for him through TurboTax and he stands to the side and prays his mere existence won't make the computer blow up) and every year he thanks me by giving me a small percentage of the money or taking me out to dinner. This year he got back more than the usual amount and decided to take me and my boyfriend out for a nice steak dinner, so we headed to Wolf Lodge. It was early enough in the evening that the restaurant wasn't very busy yet so we immediately got a table and ordered our drinks. While the men had glasses of a Stout that was on tap, I chose a fruity drink with pomegranate and citrus liqueur that was really tasty. We had the crab and artichoke dip to start and then for dinner I had the teriyaki chicken with mashed garlic potatoes which is my fave thing on their menu, while the guys had steaks. The boys just managed to finish their dinners and then wimped out, but I managed to finish my meal off with a large piece of cheesecake drizzled in raspberries. The cost of a dinner for three that included an appetizer as well as three alcoholic drinks and dessert was higher than we normally spend on an evening out, but that was expected and it was worth it. Everything tasted great, the service was top notch, and the atmosphere was inviting. It was a great way to celebrate another tax return finished!

Posted by: on 03/05/11


Hungry - Moon Time

Eating here won't make you better looking...but it will make you less hungry.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 02/23/11


2 AM Breakfast

I have said it before and I'll say it again. After a great night of drinking with friends there is nothing better then a huge breakfast at the Satellite Diner. We closed down the PI and drove down and ate a ton. I really think that this food and lots of water counter-act the hangover experience for the next morning.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 01/08/11


The Birthday Party Place to Be - Five Mile Heights Pizza Parlor

It was my nephew's 2nd birthday and my sister wanted to do it up right, so she booked some tables at Five Mile Heights Pizza Parlor. We weren't the only ones who had that idea, either. The Saturday night we were there, at least four other birthday parties were going on at the same time. The more the merrier, I guess, as all of the kids present were having a great time playing in the ball pit and running around and making as much noise as possible. Our group had two tables as well as a "cottage" area reserved just for us to spread out in. We ordered several pizzas with a variety of toppings, from a simple cheese and pepperoni to a Hawaiian style with pineapple, ham, and shrimp. While soda and water were on the menu for the kids, some of us adults shared a few pitchers of beer while we chatted about life, the universe, and everything. It was a fun (and noisy) experience that I'm not sure I would want to repeat too often, but once a year probably wouldn't be too much of a hardship.

Posted by: on 11/20/10


Osco Busco - Downriver Grill

My lady and I decided to head to Downriver Grill to enjoy some wine and the Gorgonzola Cheese Fries. We found both and were very happy. We decided to get more food even though we were not really that hungry. I ordered the Osco Busco (I think that is how it is spelled) and I was upset that I did not have enough room in my stomach to keep eating. It was so good and tender. If that is a meal you like then I suggest heading on over and checking it out for yourself.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 11/19/10


New Menus but Same Great Food - Sushi.Com and Sake Bar

I hadn't realized how long it had been since I'd had sushi at my favorite Japanese restaurant until we were seated at our table and I realized the menus had been completely redesigned and there was a new log on the windows. Sushi Day was a regular monthly date between I and a co-worker for almost a year, but since we stopped working together I've let the tradition fall away and I've missed it. And I've really missed Not only do they have some of the best sushi in town, their selection of cooked Japanese dishes is also spectacular. On this visit I had the yakiniku, which is marinated beef, and it came with miso soup, green salad, and rice. My boyfriend ordered the beef yakisoba along with and Asahi Black beer. I must admit that, though I'm not a fan of beer normally, even I liked the Asahi Black. It had a very mellow, relaxed flavor and went perfectly with the food. For starters we had the gyoza which were almost addictively good, as well as an order of cuttlefish sushi. I must admit that I enjoy trying new things, and the cuttlefish certainly looked fascinating, but I won't be ordering it again. It had little flavor but alot of chewy/crunchy texture that just didn't sit well with me. The rest of the meal was fabulous, however, and I'll be making it a point to not stay away from for so long again.

Posted by: on 11/19/10


Skip the Pumpkin Picking and Just Get Lunch - Rancho Chico (Northside)

We were supposed to be up at Greenbluff pumpkin picking. My sister, nephew and I had planned it all week. But when we arrived at the pumpkin patch it was chaotic and confusing and we suddenly realized we didn't even like outside that much. So we headed over to Rancho Chico's to have lunch instead. It was around 3pm so between meal times and easy to get a table, though we were a bit bummed to find out we had just missed the Lunch Specials Menu (which ends at 3pm, oh well). My sister and I ate ourselves silly on tortilla chips and salsa while my nephew yelled and slammed silverware on the table and ate a few chips. He's two so I guess this kind of behavior in public isn't frowned on too much. Because it was still early afternoon and we had the toddler with us, neither my sister or I got anything more than soda to drink. To eat I had to Rancho Chico Burrito which was enormous and stuffed full of rice, beans, beef, cheese, sour cream, and sauce. I didn't plan on eating the whole thing but it was too delicious to stop and the next thing I knew my plate was empty. I suffered a stomach ache for the next few hours but what a tasty way to go!

Posted by: on 10/16/10


I'd Like Some Pie With That, Please - Cyrus O'Leary's

I have never been disappointed with a meal at Cyrus O'Leary's, but I've also never managed to have room after dinner for their (locally) famous pie. On my most recent visit to the restaurant I was accompanied by my father and four of his friends. We had a nice, adult evening with lots of conversation (some a little risque) and some great drinks. I started with something fruity and creamy with cherry vodka that I can't remember the name of but it tasted like dessert. It even had chocolate sauce in it. After that I had an amaretto sour, my go-to drink as it tastes like candy. To eat I ordered a chicken cesaer salad, one of my favorite things to eat at any restaurant. I had just enough room left over after dinner to feel like I could handle a dessert and ordered one of their sundaes. It was the size of my head. Needless to say I had to have some help eating it but it was worth it. My dad got a slice of pie with ice cream that he was supposed to share with his friends but I could tell he didn't want to. The dining room was busy as it has been every time I've eaten there, but the staff seemed to keep up well. We had two different waiters as well as two different people to bus the table throughout our visit. It was a little confusing but at least we didn't have to wait too long for service.

Posted by: on 10/03/10


Northside Pizza - Fat Daddy's

I took the whole family to Fat Daddy's today and we all had a great time. We ordered pizza, pasta and even one of their famous PB & J Pizzas. We decided to get Strawberry this time instead of Grape jelly.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 09/26/10


A Birthday Tradition - Olive Garden Italian Restaurant (Downtown)

In my family its tradition to go to Olive Garden on birthdays, so this year as I turned 29 (eep!) I celebrated with my father, boyfriend, and a pomegranate margarita martini. It also happened to be never-ending pasta bowl time so I went ahead and ordered angel hair pasta with pizziola sauce (which was full of marinara, cheese, and meats). We also shared the salad and breadsticks which are always super tasty. Going to Olive Garden isn't anything new or different, but that doesn't make it any less worth it to have dinner there. Its a great tradition that I will be partaking of for years to come.

Posted by: on 09/09/10


Fun Little bar - Tonicx

If you have not been to Tonicx you should check it out. It is on the north side just north of Fancis off of Maple Street. It shares a space with Pita Pit so that is where the food comes from. The bar is fully stocked and they have a great selection of beer. The patio is fun but fills up quickly so get there early.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 08/17/10


A Grown Up Girl's Night - Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar (South Hill)

Sometimes there is no better way to end a busy shopping day with one of your closest friends then having a grown-up style girl's night at a place like Twigs. After Ani and I went on a Hastings/Value Village crawl through Spokane (where we did our best to hit up every Hastings and Value Village in the area) we decided we were desperate for food and Twigs sounded like the ideal place to remedy the situation. It was early enough that the place wasn't too busy yet and we were shown to a table immediately, followed by our waitress showing up to take our drink orders. I had the Grand Berry Martini, a lovely mix of citrus, Grand Marnier, and Finlandia Wildberry. Unfortunately we were a bit too late for Happy Hour (daily 3-6pm and 9pm-close) so I went ahead and splurged on dinner and dessert. For the main course I had a yummy Teriyaki Chicken Pita and afterwards a Sticky Cookie - a delightful combination of warm chocolate chip cookie and vanilla ice cream. In all it was a great evening filled with tasty beverages, great food, and lots of girl talk.

Posted by: on 08/14/10


Really not that far out

Many of you are familiar of an area known as 9 Mile Falls. To those of us living here in Spokane it seems like we may as well call it Ritzville. I am here to tell you that it is really not that far out, only 12 miles from the Indian Trail turn on Francis.

Enough about distance, now let's talk about food. There is a new Italian Restaurant located in Nine Mile Falls that is worth the drive. This is Italiano at it's best. Home made lasagna and spaghetti and meatballs. And that is just the start. If you are looking for some great Italian food then head on out to Sabellos and see what all the fuss is about.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 08/07/10


Happy Spokane Party! - Cyrus O'Leary's

Thursday July 8th!
Time: 7:00 to 10:00
516 West Main Avenue
Amazing food and drink specials!

$3 Lemondrops
$3 Cosmopolitans
$3 Kamikazee
$3 Manhatten Martinis
50% off all Appetizers

Prizes and great music. Bring your friends and have a great time at a Spokane's Downtown icon.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 07/06/10


Hidden Gem - Morty's Tap and Grille

A while back there use to be a place called "The Wild Weasel." It is now called Morty's Tap and Grille. The place is basically the same except for a remodel done a couple of years ago that had the most noticeable effect on the bathrooms. Morty's is just past Twigs on the south hill and next to Hanger 57 and Oz Fitness. Very convenient for those of you in this area. If you have not already take a chance and visit the place. The food is great and their are plenty of TV's and a nice relaxed atmosphere.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/28/10


Need Happy Hour - Downriver Grill

Went to the Downriver Grill last night and had a glass of wine. This is a great place but they don't have a happy hour. The house wine was a little bit spendy as well. I love the food and they have great drinks but House wines should be about $6 at the most. Hopefully some of you feel the same way I do.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/28/10


After Sports Drinking - Spitfire Pub and Eatery

Can any of you tell me what is better then drinking with friends after a sporting event? The Spitfire Pub is a great place to go after a baseball game or softball game or even after soccer. Great drinks and bar food. And they even have that little game they call beer pong. Head on down and hang with some cool people.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/18/10


Good Food and People - Morty's Tap and Grille

Many of you have probably heard of Morty's on the south hill. But have you actually gone there. You may even remember it as the "Wild Weasel." Well, I am here to tell you that it is a great place. Their food is wonderful and they have great drink specials all the time. Next time you are looking for a place to go out on the south hill give them a try.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/15/10


Random Stuff

I love to go out in Spokane. There are so many great places to go. The other night we met some friends at Raw and I had "da bomb" which is amazing. The next night we moved our party over to Zola and had a great time. There are a lot of great places and only so many nights to frequent them.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/11/10


Most Awesome Beer Ever? Maybe - Steam Plant Grill

From the very first sip he took of his Vanilla Bourban Stout, I knew my boyfriend was in love. A look of pure bliss spread across his face as his first tentative sip turned into an admiring gulp. When he set his glass down and looked back up at me I knew that he was a goner. No beer would ever be as good, no drink would ever bring such happiness again. It was our first trip to the Steam Plant Grill to eat, and so far it was going pretty well. I had ordered a soda as well as a Rasberry Cheesecake Martini that was nice and fruity, and my boyfriend had taken the waitress's advice and ordered the Vanilla Bourban Stout. And he loved it. Our dinners were pretty good as well - I had the chicken cesear salad and he had a giant steak sandwich that looked like a turnover - but that paled in comparison to the boyfriend's beer. He described it as a vanilla, chocolate, rich flavor. I took a sip, but beer isn't my thing so I couldn't quite agree with him. Luckily my own drink was pretty tasty - though a little heavy on the whip cream - and my dinner was excellent so I was pretty happy as well.

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Keep It Classy Spokane - Peacock Room

Real class starts with amazing architecture and it doesn't get any better in Spokane than the Davenport Hotel. A stunning stained glass ceiling greets you just inside The Peacock Room, a superb lounge. Marble and gilt accent the granite tables, where you can relax in upholstered arm chairs or perch on the leather pub stools around the bar. The Peacock Room features a daily drink special and today happened to be their frothy and fabulous Key Lime Martini. Stoli Vanil vodka is mixed with sweet and sour, pineapple and whipped cream to give the drink a fluffy, dessert-like mouth feel. Happy hour is 4 - 6 p.m. daily when appetizers feature reduced pricing. The Cougar Gold Cheese Dip is the most popular for a reason. Hot melted cheese meets roasted garlic, shallots, pepperoncini and olives served with toasted bread - scrumptious! Or try the Fresh Dungeness Crab Cakes with special house sauce - I like the cakes extra crispy. Date night is every Wednesday when you can enjoy an appetizer, a choice of four entrees and a dessert for $24.95. The Peacock Room is tasteful and elegant, yet still accessible. Where else can you get Foie Gras at the bar? The Peacock Room is inside the Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane at 10 South Post Street.

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Fresh Pressed Fun - Press

Press sits snugly inside the space next to Qdoba and Quiznos on Grand across from Sacred Heart Hospital. Fresh "pressed" juice is what makes their martinis so special - in fact the lemon drop is one of my favorites in the city. The lemons are fresh squeezed, and a dash of fresh orange juice gives this traditionally tart martini a sweeter side. The sleek stainless and black lacquered look belies the neighborhood feel. Press is a place where hospital interns watch the Zags play and girlfriends meet for an upscale cocktail. Greg the bartender makes a delicious drink and doubles as a server extraordinaire. Happy hour is 3 - 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. - 2 a.m. daily with $4 well drinks (get the fresh juice mixer), and $4 house wine. Some beers are always just $2 including Moose Drool, Trout Slayer, Fat Tire and Dales' Pale Ale. Live music by Dan Conrad Thursday nights starting at 8 p.m., and Saturday night features a mix of jazz, classical guitar and singer songwriters from 8 - 10 p.m. Press opens early Sunday at 11 a.m. starring a Bloody Mary Bar - choose your own spices and garnishes ranging from artichokes hearts to prawns, pickles and pineapples. Prepare to party Sunday nights (25% discount for service industry) with a DJ starting at 10 p.m. Press is situated at 909 S. Grand Boulevard in Spokane.

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Skipped the Gin, but love the joint!

This was a stop that I will be making again in the very near future. Make your way to the lounge and find that it is probably busy, noisy, and everyone will be in a very good mood. Why? Discounted drinks and buy one, get one free appetizers, of course! Tonight I had the nachos, a Greek appetizer plate, and two beers for under $20. The best part for me? The elusive Copperhead Ale by Red Hook is on tap here! Its been so long. Well, hello!

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Wine and Great Food

So if you like great wine and great food you should actually head down to Niko's and see what is happening. They have one of the best happy hours now and their food is still great. Check it out.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 02/16/10


Happy Spokane Bar Parties

Hello Everyone,
Happy Spokane has a unique opportunity for bar owners. We like to have what we call a Bar Party. What we do is come to your establishment, usually on an off-night, and help promote a party. There will be drink and food specials and prize drawings. We will be Twittering, Facebooking, Emailing and telling everyone to come up for this event. Very minimal cost with a great potential of getting folks in the door who may not otherwise visit. Email us today to book your party.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 02/03/10


Great Drinks - PJ's Bar and Grill

I can tell you one thing. PJ's has a great happy hour. My buddies and I went up there on Tuesday and found out that they have $1.50 well drinks and you can double it up and make it tall for $2.00. I know! Totally crazy. They have music and lots of pool tables and pretty much everyone is super nice. This is a great local bar that is a great place to have a drink with your friends.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 01/19/10


Music, Drinks, and Fun Fun Fun - The Viking Tavern

The night started at the Knitting Factory where local bands were playing. I went with my sister to see Two Word Culture, which was loud and angry and fabulous. I had one drink at the venue, a very tasty amaretto sour, while my sister bought herself several beers. After the show we decided to meet up with some of my sister's friends at the Viking, for a few more drinks and a few more laughs. We picked up my friend Ani on the way there so I'd have a buddy, which turned out to be a great idea as my sister was the social butterfly of the evening and kept wandering off. That was okay, though, as the Viking was a perfect spot to finish out the night. A band was playing live when we arrived. They were pretty good, but I sadly can't remember their name. I'm not a big beer drinker so I just ordered a couple of Smirnoff Ices. I always appreciate bars that carry those "girl" beers, as I think it shows they care about the customers who wander in and aren't terribly fond of normal beer. Ani and I sat at the big round firepit and listened to music and watched the crowd and built a skyscraper out of salt and pepper shakers. People flowed around us, some stopping to say hello, several gentlemen commenting on how awesome Ani looked (I think it was her fedora) and everyone generally having a good time. I love the Viking because it seems so friendly and welcoming and laid back and fun.

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Breakfast of Champions - The Swinging Doors

Well, I can tell you this about Sunday mornings. I need a bloody mary stat. Not always of course but there are those days when they taste and feel really good. So, let me tell you all about The Swinging Doors. Many of you have probably heard of this place and may have even frequented the place. For those of you who have not it is one of those places where you go to eat when you can stop watching your figure for a day. The food is greasy spoon. Grab a bloody mary and the Swinging Doors special and you are set for the rest of the day. The food is great and they have enough TVs to keep everyone happy, maybe too happy.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 01/10/10


A great way to ring in the New Year - Steelhead Bar & Grille

I hit up the Steelhead with my boyfriend and my friend Ani while we were bar hopping on New Year's Eve. I thought we'd have a drink or two and then head on down the road, but we immediately grabbed ourselves a table when we arrived and ended up settling in for the rest of the evening. I was starving and decided to order some food, as did my companions. I had the chicken cesear salad which was very good. My friend Ani ordered the teriyaki steak points which came served up in a martini glass! To drink I started off with a Strasberi Lemondrop which was so good, I ordered another one when I finished the first. After that I decided to shake things up a bit and ordered a Singapore Sling. It was similar to the Strasberi Lemondrop and just as tasty. At one point in the evening we were joined by my boyfriend's sister and her friend. They chatted with us for a while and ordered some drinks (dirty Shirley Temples), but had to be somewhere at midnight so didn't stick around to actually drink them. Ani and I were happy to make sure the drinks didn't go to waste. We were all so busy talking and laughing and playing around that we actually missed the stroke of midnight, but realized it was happening when the fireworks went off. The Steelhead was a great place to spend the last few minutes of the old year and ring in the first minutes of the new.

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Way to start New Year's Eve off right - Bistango Martini Lounge

For New Year's Eve I wanted to partake in some good old fashioned bar hopping. Since I'm not exactly an expert on the watering holes in downtown Spokane, I asked my friend Ani to pick our first stop. She chose Bistango Martini Lounge because it had great Bellinis, and we were in a champagne kind of mood. The place was basically standing room only when we got there, so we squeezed ourselves in at the end of the bar and ordered some drinks. I had the Passion fruit Bellini which was super tasty, while Ani had one mixed with pomegranate. The place was decorated with festive balloons and the patrons had on party hats and glowing necklaces. There was also a great singer doing live numbers near the front door. He did a great job of carrying his voice over the excited din of the holiday crowd. My boyfriend ordered a drink called the French 75 which he was interested in because of the name. It turned out to be made mostly of gin though, which he isn't fond of, so I was happy to finish it for him. Bistango is a little pricey but the atmosphere is cool, the drinks are super tasty, and the lounge is totally worth visiting.

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Holiday Party

Well, what can we say. Happy Spokane had another great party at a great establishment. We had a DJ, prizes, contests, Trivia and there were great food and drink specials the whole time. Thanks to the staff for being so great and thanks to Ken at Stir who helped put the whole thing together.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 12/17/09


Fun at the Elk - Two Seven Public House

The Two-Seven Public House is a cozy spot for a well-made cocktail and lively conversation. Tucked behind Lincoln Heights Shopping Center on 29th, it's known by Spokanites as belonging to those great folks who operate The Elk. Try an Italian Sidecar made with Skyy vodka and your choice of lemon or orange San Pellegrino. Refreshing and thirst quenching after a day of brutal holiday shopping. If you need a warm-me-up the Mug-O-Mounds is amazing (Malibu Rum, Kahlua Mocha, hot cocoa and topped with whipped cream). The place has a low-key come-as-you-are vibe, even when it's packed. Service is reliable and fast. The soup is good and changes daily. The Roasted Tomato, Ham and Cheese joins cougar Cold white cheddar with roasted garlic, bacon and cream. Tasty and satisfying, the soup is always $3 a cup and includes bread. The Two-Seven Public House is located at 2727 S. Mt. Vernon St. on Spokane's South Hill.

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Keeping Warm on a Cold Night - O'Doherty's Irish Grille

I went with a couple of friends to my first ever hockey game on Saturday night (which was awesome) and afterwards we decided we wanted something to eat. We parked in downtown and then walked several blocks to O'Doherty's, which would have been okay but it was freezing. As soon as we sat down in a booth I knew I was going to need to order something to warm myself up, and pronto. The Sleigh Ride looked pretty tempting, a concoction of hot chocolate, fire cinnamon whiskey, and whipped cream. I had to sip it very delicately at first since it was pretty hot, but it was so good I didn't mind burning my tongue a little! I felt less frozen in no time and was able to enjoy my food (Irish Nachos which are basically fries covered in cheese and bacon with sour cream and salsa on the side) and my conversation with my friends.

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Mac & Cheese - Zola

OK, well as many of you probably know Zola is a cool place to hang out. What many of you probably don't know is that Zola has one of the best Happy Hours in Town. 3 to 6 they have half price appetizers and $1 PBR Drafts and $3.50 Wells. It is amazing. I usually get the Colby Beef Sliders but if someone gets the Mac & Cheese I am always eying that. It is made with this super creamy cheese sauce but the beauty of it is the chunks of bacon. I know it is not healthy but guess what, that does not change the fact that it is delicious.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 12/11/09


Trivia night! - Hooters

The Dean would like to give props to Hooters for its absolutely underrated Tuesday trivia night. There are several places throughout Spokane, Cheney, Couer D Alene that hold a weekly trivia night. However, Sara and friends do a fantastic job with their organized, efficient, and fun game of trivia each week. Kudos. Hooters doesnt typically have a dearth of happy hour specials, but the service is fast and friendly, and Tuesdays feature an all you can eat buffalo wings special. One buffalo, please! And if you know your Cougar Quarterbacks or Star Wars planets, you might just end up winning a little something for using that grey matter of yours.

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Full Tummy - Best China Buffet

If you are looking for a way to fill your stomach as full as possible for a flat rate then look no further. This place is great. Lots of different foods and almost everything is delicious. There are a few things that I just won't eat but somebody must because they keep serving it. ANyway, if you are looking for a new buffet then try Best China Buffet.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 11/12/09


Fun Little Place - Brooklyn Deli and Brooklyn Nights

If you like the baby bar then you will like Brooklyn Nights. It is a very small bar with a few tables and a great selection of beers. If you stop by and they are still serving food then try the food from the Deil, it is very good.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 11/12/09


A giant, leisurely, lunch.... - Elk Public House

I'm not usually one for going out to have lunch during the day, as it takes time and money and I can easily grab an Easy Mac or something at the office. But today the boyfriend was aching for a real lunch and a real beer, so he invited me to The Elk for something to eat. I've been to The Elk before at dinner time and for a drink, but this was my first lunch-going experience there. They were pretty busy but we managed to find a table and after a few minutes a waiter. I ordered a soda (since I was returning to work afterwards) while the boyfriend ordered a beer he had never heard of before. It was a very dark and heavy looking porter, which neither of us could remember the name of, and he said it tasted "interesting." We ordered off the regular menus as they didn't seem to have a special lunch menu, and then we waited for a while for the food to arrive. I got the Chicken Cesar Soft Taco with pasta salad, which was super huge and super tasty, and which I couldn't possibly finish. Boyfriend had the reuben sandwich, which he loves, and the pasta salad, which he is also pretty affectionate about. The bill was only slightly less than what it would have been for dinner, since I didn't get a grown-up drink, but it was still reasonable for having a real meal at lunchtime. It does take a bit longer to get your food than it would at a fast food place, but if you have the time and the appetite it is well worth it.

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Well, all I got to say is that myself and all my friends had a great time at MarQuee on Halloween. It was very fun, great music, and lots of great costumes. It was packed which is just the way I like it. Lots and lots of people, lots and lots of drinking and lots and lots of fun.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 11/03/09


Bloody Mary Bar - Press

If you like bloddy marys then you will love Sundays at Press. They have a bloddy mary bar where you get a glass and a shot and then proceed on down the line pick your vegetables, spices, and other juices to create your own masterpiece. It's like hair of the dog and breakfast all at once. It is even kind of healthy. :)

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Halloween Party - Outback Steakhouse (Northside)

Halloween ONLY!!

2.00 domestic drafts, 3.00 import drafts, 3.00 well drinks, 4.00 margaritas & Wallaby Darned, 4.00 house wine
Halloween kids eat free all day, 12 and under

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 10/31/09


Halloween Party!

Let's all meet at Far West Billiards on October 28th from 7:00 to 10:00 for some Halloween fun. Great drink and food specials. Prizes for costumes! Lots and lots of fun.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 10/28/09


Ate too much but it hurts so good.... - Luigi's Italian Restaurant

I have lived in Spokane for over three years now, and I'm sad to say that it took until this month for me to discover Luigi's. Normally for birthdays my family has a tradition of heading over to Olive Garden, but this year my father wanted to try something a little new and different. So we headed over to Luigi's for a different take on Italian food. The restuarant is great, decorated with old pictures and souvenairs from the days when the building housed the Salvation Army. We were led to a table right away and almost immediatly had our waitress in front of us ready to take our drinks orders. As a family that tends to chat, it took a few minutes for us to look over the menus and get an idea of what we wanted. I had a Lemon Drop that was pretty tasty, slightly tart but just enough sweet as well. For appetizers we ordered the crab and artichoke dip with bread. If you are a bread fan, you have to try the fresh baked loaves from Luigi's! It was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and so tasty. We devoured every last bit of the dip, which was a good blend of flavors and not too seafood tasting (my boyfriend didn't even realize it had crab in it). My dinner entree was Broccoli Radiatore with Chicken, which was tasty and fun to eat. The noodles reminded me of the fun shaped Kraft Mac and Cheese from my youth, though the sauce was quite a bit better than anything found in a box. My dad had the Pheasant Ravioli, which was pretty good, but I think the sauce was a bit too strong and covered up the taste of the pasta filling a bit. In the end the bill was pretty high, but my boyfriend and I split it between food and drinks so it was affordable. My dad had received a $13 off coupon in the mail and we used that toward the food bill and it really helped. If you happen to luck into one of these coupons for Luigi's, don't just let it expire. It is totally worth while.

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Asian Fusion with a Dash of Formal Wear - Mustard Seed Asian Cafe

For myself and my companions it was just another Saturday night going out to eat at the Mustard Seed. But to the throngs of teen girls in elegant gowns and fashionable short dresses, as well as their dates in what I mostly saw as black shirts, black pants, and colorful ties, it must have been something more. It has been a while since I was up on Homecoming and Winter Formal Dance dates, but I think I can safely assume a high school dance was on the schedule. Otherwise I was very under-dressed. Because it was a weekend evening and because of the teens in formal wear, there was a bit of a wait for a table when we arrived, but I don't think it was much more than 15 minutes. Once we were seated our waitress showed up pretty quickly for our drinks orders. My boyfriend ordered sake as they serve Momokawa brand there, which is his favorite (and if you are ever in Forest Grove, Oregon, take the tour of the Momokawa Sakery, it is pretty awesome). I tend to like my adult beverages on the fruity side, and ordered a Convertible, which was a mix of raspberry liquor as well as some berry and citrus juices. It was delightfully tasty. For appetizers we had gyoza, or potstickers, which were soft and warm and just a tad spicy. They came with two different dipping sauces which were both pretty good. We also shared some spring rolls, which were bigger then expected, and reminded me more of eggrolls. Dinner was Beef with Broccoli, which had thick pieces of steak mixed in a savory sauce with broccoli as well as other vegetables. It was served with rice, which rounded out the flavor and texture of food nicely. My boyfriend had the Thai Chicken Coconut Curry noodle bowl, which sounded strange on the menu but turned out to be delicious. The bill was reasonable for four people who had ordered appetizers, entrees, and drinks, though maybe not reasonable enough for dining there every day. However the food was tasty, the drinks were great, and the atmosphere was fun and gave me a hint of nostalgia at the sight of those Homecoming dresses.

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YUMMY!!! - Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar (South Hill)

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!! The food and atmosphere were awesome. From the greeters at the door, to the wait staff, to the food. I had the boneless buffalo wings which were absoutley delicious. They were done to perfection. The atmosphere was great as well. The bartenders were on their game!!! I would highly recommend going there during there happy hour and endulging in any of there happy hour specials...

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Using Happy Spokane

I want to make sure everyone is utilizing to its full potential. Did you know that you can search by the name of the bar, zip code, days of the week, times of the day and location. The whole idea is for you to search for 5:00 on a Wednesday night so you and your friends can meet up after work for inexpensive food and drinks. Keep checking out the site and tell all your friends.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 09/23/09



Well again the Blue Spark has proven to be a great place to hang out. Thursday nights are half all wine and champagne.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 09/17/09


Sliders - Zola

There is nothing better then $5 sliders and an ice cold $1 PBR. The happy hour at Zola is awesome and the food is great. If you don't like PBR then you can get a $1 draft of Bud Light. Head down there from 4:00 to 6:00 for a bunch of other great deals too.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 09/16/09


Date Night - Stix Bar & Grill

Stix is a newer renovation of what use to be Twigs and use to be Bin 8920. It is now a little sports bar and it is super fun. If you get a chance check it out.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 09/12/09


A great Spokane Valley destination - Max at Mirabeau

The MAX at Mirabeau is straight-up class. Seriously. From the decor, to the professional bartenders and servers, to the lengths that the wine selection goes. So the Dean might bring a client here if he needed to impress. Or, gents, listen up, say he was looking for a relaxed atmosphere after work to woo the future Mrs. Martini. Oh, and attention all other bars, there are COUCHES! The kind that let you drop sonnets on your date and with enough room to work so that the guy on the couch next to you isnt stealing your material. The MAX happy hour offers discounts on martinis, wells, and draft beers. Where the MAX really shines, and my frugal friends will enjoy this, a half-priced appetizer selection that is fantastic. The flat-top sliders with boursin cheese, garlic aioli, roasted red pepper coulis were a meal for two, and the Hummus & Chili Grilled Pita gets a huge thumbs up, too.

Posted by: on 08/27/09


On the tracks and rollin... - Iron Horse Restaurant (Valley)

The Iron Horse in the Spokane Valley is your consummate neighborhood bar (That is if your local neighborhood bar is located on a Spokane Valley major arterial.) The patrons all know the names of the bartenders and servers. This is a friendly place so expect to make some new friends when you visit the Iron Horse. The Iron Horse happy hour features $2 Bud and Bud Light cans!! Well... hello! When the Dean is looking for a place to crunch some aluminum and catch some fall football, this will definitely be on the short list. Easy to find, lots of parking. Ill be headed back to try something liquor-y I saw that looked delicious and appeared to be served in a half-carafe. And, saving the best for last, this is one of the few places in Spokane that you can find Quilters Irish Death. Awesome! The Dean says hello to all my new friends!

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Worth the Drive - MacKenzie River Pizza Co.

I recently spent time with family and friends celebrating the birthday of an old relative. Yes I mean old. He passed one of the decade marks. He was in town from Portland and suggesting Mackenzie Pizza was the perfect choice. Mackenzie River Pizza is a restaurant you can only find in Montana and Coeur d Alene. If you have not been there you must go immediately. It is fabulous. I had a strawberry lemon drop martini and rarely have I indulged in one fused with the perfect blend of vodka and real strawberries. This is the way martinis are suppose to be made. The pizzas are out of this world. I highly recommend the Natural Grain crust. I hold myself to be a pizza coinsurer and I have yet to find a crust this delectable in this area. What if pizza does not sound appetizing? Mackenzie Pizza also offers other menu items including salads, sandwiches, and pastas along with a full bar to quench your thirst on the hot summer days. Do not wait for a celebration to visit this place. It will become one of your favorites!

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 07/31/09


Tiny but Fun Bar - The Riff

Spokane has some pretty cool places to go and have a drink. Al lot of times you have driven past many of them unknowingly. Thus the reason for this blog entry. The Riff is a very small bar with a decent sized patio located on 215 West Main. You have probably driven by this and seen the small amount of neon glowing in the window. I stopped by here for the first time not too long ago and I loved it. It was a great place to hang out and have $1.50 bottles of PBR and just enjoy ourselves. Not to mention they are one of the only places that offers a $5 40oz of PBR. Now that is fun!

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 07/30/09


Risking neck injury with all of these TVs...

All right, so Heroes and Legends has, historically, been a little bit hit and miss as a great bar experience. If you havent been back since the establishment was bought by the family which runs DeLeon Foods, I am here to report that Ive had a few great experiences here recently. Some friends and I visited during a recent Shock watch party, and the experience couldnt have been much better. We had the entire depth and breadth of the menu on our table, and there was absolute satisfaction with the food. The items from DeLeons were fantastic, the green salsa is first rate, I dont think Ive ever had better! I think our servers name was Stacey, and well, hello... With the laser-like focus of a Davila to Vijil touchdown pass, she made accurate delivery after delivery to our table. Not to mention - patient - is probably a good word to use to describe their servers dealing with a sea of orange-clad Shock fans. So my thanks to the establishment for a great night. With a television in every corner of the building, H&L will continue be a great destination for the fall sports season.

Posted by: on 07/26/09


Come for the view, stay for the food! - Fast Eddie's

You might be rolling through the intersection of Trent and Division, glance over at Fast Eddies and think to yourself - man, it looks like they are having fun in there. At any given time, you are probably right! Fast Eddies is packed with large screen TVs, so at any given time you can be watching about three or more games. Well, hellooo. Fast Eddies has great happy hour beer specials. On Thursday, I was able to enjoy a Stella Artois for 3.50. Zeer aardig! Besides being a great place to meet up with friends or multitask your sports viewing, theres also the food. Fast Eddies gets my vote for best burger in Spokane. You cannot miss on the burger baskets here. On Thursday I tried the Sausage and mushroom pizza which absolutely came to play. My pal tried the Gorgonzola fries which was a meal in itself. Fast service, great food, and food and drink specials every day of the week.

Posted by: on 07/11/09


Dance the Night Away - The Game

Thursday nights at Uno are very fun. Even though I have no rhythm at all I still have a great time trying and watching my friends. There are a lot of people who are very experienced dancers and a few like me who are there to learn and just have fun. Besides the dancing the food is great and there are usually some great people there to meet.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 07/09/09


Beer and Song

Last night we stopped off at the Blue Spark for a half price bottle of Champagne. We were very excited to see that our dear friend Heather O'Brien was singing. Not only that but we had some amazing nachos while we watched. I just can't tell you how fun that is.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 07/09/09


Yak it up, Fuzzball... - Screaming Yak

The Screaming Yak is quickly achieving legendary status here in Spokane. (Im not on the committee that decides that.) The Yak is noisy. Concrete floors, friends laughing over beers, and blaring arias appropriate for shooting pool. However, imagine yourself ready for beer and to meet up with friends after a day under a florescent gulag. Or perhaps youve just finished game 3 of a softball tournament. Maybe you are looking for a place to catch the game. These are all valid reasons to visit the Yak. The BEST reason is because you are craving buffalo wings. Arguably the best wings in town. I highly recommend the inferno wings, and the Dean recommends this but it is not for the faint of heart. The waitress, who was awesome and made sure I had a great time even though I was rolling solo, also sold me on my first Molson draft. Im sold. Her work here is done.

Posted by: on 06/30/09


Very Nice People - Irv's Bar

This last Saturday I attended this sweet Hoopfest party but it ended super early, at 11:00. We needed somewhere else to go. I thought for a moment as we were walking and saw a place called Irv's. I have never been here before so I did not know what to expect. What I found was very nice people and I even ran in to an old friend. The drinks were great and the dance floor was happenin. My young lady "friend" and I had a great time. For those of you out there looking to have a good time and have fun try Irv's the next time you are out.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 06/27/09


A Great Place

Last night we had our Happy Spokane party here at the Far West billiards. From the second I stepped into the bar last night it felt like home. That's what is so great about Far West. You can go there and have some great beers and some great food and just relax with friends. If you have not been there for a while head on down there and say hi to Andrew or Yvonne.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 06/25/09


Shop till ya drop, Margaritas. - Azteca Mexican Restaurants (Valley)

The valley mall is always getting new stores for the most experienced shoppers. I recently enjoyed a full day of looking for bargains at the mall when I turned the corner and I saw Azteca. The margaritas were calling me. Azteca Valley has one of the best happy hours around with menu specials under four dollars and margaritas starting at 3.50 depending upon which tequila you savor. I take pleasure in the chicken soft tacos but you can also find nachos and more to choose from off the appetizer list. On Tuesdays, delight yourself with all you can eat tacos for a mere 5 dollars. There is no better way to end a shopping spree then with a little Azteca.

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 06/24/09


A slice of Americana...

I was about four steps into the lounge at Percy's before the bartender was asking me what I wanted to drink. Well, hello. This alone earns my stamp of approval. Lots of food and drink specials, friendly service, and big screen TVs. The stuffed mushrooms were tremendous. I could tell Percy's was teeming with regulars and I felt welcome to become one of them. I don't know how many cocktails in Spokane have earned legendary status, Percy's Long Island Iced Tea is one of them. Enjoy one and become a member of an elite local club.

Posted by: on 06/18/09


Amazing Hill of Nachos - Cyrus O'Leary's

Cyrus O'Leary's is a Spokane icon nestled about as downtown as you can get. I have always had a good experience at this fine establishment. I hate to admit that I have not gone there for a while. I was there last week for the Happy Spokane party and decided to partake in the Chicken Nachos. Let's just say I was NOT disappointed with my order. These may be one of the best nacho plates in the area piled high with cheese and chicken and olives and green onions...MMMMMMM! When you are out and about and looking for a place to grab a beer and in need of some great food head to the heart of Spokane.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 06/18/09


Shane is nice - O'Doherty's Irish Grille

I had the pleasure of joining O'Doherty's on Tuesday evening for a little drinky of the beery. I met Shane, the youngest of the O'Doherty bros. Shane is nice. I drank some beer, listened to a celtic jam, got the hiccups, Shane gave me a spoonful of sugar to cure the hiccups, I thanked Shane very much, and when I got my bill at the end of the night, I was pleased to see that it was cheap.

Posted by: on 06/16/09


FREE ALERT - Cyrus O'Leary's

Remember way back when, when I told you I would post about all the cool free stuff that bars and restaurants offer? Well, I just found a new place. Cyrus O' Leary's offers FREE wings and vegetables on Fridays from 4-7pm. And, they aren't the crappy dried out brick hard wings either, they were actually really, really good and not too spicy, just the way I like them. The veggies were fresh and they had a massive assortment and they were in abundance. Not only are they offering FREE, tasty, food, but they have some drink specials too. Awesome. This is the place to be after a long week of work and you just want to chill out and have your dinner prepared for you, FREE!

Posted by: on 06/09/09


Gather Round - Round Table Pizza (Five Mile)

I was expecting more of a Chuck E Cheese kind of atmosphere when I went here for my little cousin's graduation party and was quite pleasantly surprised with the quality of their food. I started off with a salad at their salad bar and it hit the right spot. Normally I am not a big fan of salad bars cause everything looks like its been sitting around for a while but theirs was actually really good. I ended up having wings too, and, yet again, they were perfectly crispy, not dried out....mmmmm. I found two great places to have wings this weekend and I won't forget about them. Also, their pizza was great, yet again, I was not expecting it, but it was more than good. The star of the show was the twisted cheesy bread sticks that our family couldn't get enough of. All in all, if you love pizza and haven't tried this place before, you really are missing out on some great fare. Gather round The Round Table!

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Creating a Stir

So my movie date bailed on me last minute, and I found myself needing to revise my Saturday evening on the northside. Where to go? Lyons Ave? Newport? Northside cinemas? Hmm, I guess not. In the meantime, I made a return visit to Stir to consider my options. And I CAN label this happy hour reliable. Stir has only a small number of beers on tap, but they are a very good cross section. They offer specialty martinis that make you look like you're at a great Hollywood after party. Ahh, the best part, I've tried several different appetizers in two visits to Stir. Thumbs way up. Stir also has really friendly service that will ensure I come back. In review, order a smaller popcorn and take your date to Stir for the french fries and chicken skewers pre or post movie. And until next time, Ill be seeing you in the bar.

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A bacon lover rejoices

So I've been emailed a couple of times in the last week about this. I am going to assume that I am not the last one to the party. describes itself as a superior quality potato vodka with a savory bacon flavor. Hmmm. Bloody Marys? Ok, Im listening. However, I am hearing that the trendy accompaniment for bacon-flavored vodka is - chocolate liqueur? Of course it is! What else would it have been? Now bacon-flavored vodka doesn't just have a seat at my breakfast table, its a dessert, too! Have you found a place that serves one? What do you think?

Posted by: on 06/02/09


After a grueling fifteen minutes of mowing the lawn... - Casa De Oro (Northside)

One of the first things you see upon entering the Casa De Oro lounge, is an ominous quote painted on the wall, "they'll never take us alive!" attributed to Pancho Villa. Inspired and suddenly feeling rogueish, I pondered making my way through the regulars crowded around the small bar, taking a shot of Jose Cuervo and becoming a charismatic leader and martyr of North Mexico! My sensibilities returned. The Casa De Oro happy hour is particularly fantastic during the summer hours. Half price wells, margaritas, and most appetizers. The free nachos in the lounge are a nice touch, but the real magic is the outside seating, the Dean Likes! One last thing, Corona and Pacifico are staples, but if you haven't tried Dos Equis on tap, you're missing out.

Posted by: on 05/31/09


Part Winery Part Venue - Caterina Winery

The other night I was looking for something to do and a friend of mine suggested we go to the, Caterina Winery. I was a bit confused since it sounds like his plan was to tour a distillery. Yet I was pleasantly surprised when I realized the reason for going there was to see a local concert. Caterina is a perfect place to get a nice glass of wine or a more high class beer while watching your favorite band. It's setup is very moody, and to get to the bathroom you have to pass by large cauldrons of fermenting wine, pretty cool. Located in Riverfront Park off of Washington, the winery is a perfect summer time chill spot.

Posted by: on 05/29/09


Gushing River...and Heart - Anthony's Homeport

Boy, I haven't been to this place since it use to be owned by an events company and I went to a wedding there. That was a long time ago. I should have been back sooner. We went for the happy hour yesterday and had one of the best lemon drops I have ever had for $3... I am not just saying that really was that good. We also got 3 sliders for $3 and a shrimp, crab and artichoke dip for $5. Seafood is good. I like seafood...a lot. So when you can get oyster shots and shrimp for 50 cents I am in the right place. Not only was the food yummy in my tummy but the happy hour is in the bar and also on the patio. This is not a regular patio...this is probably the best patio in Spokane as it overlooks the Spokane Falls. It is absolutely beautiful to be able to eat great food outside on a sunny day overlooking a beautiful river and downtown Spokane. Yesterday was a good day. Mmmmm...I will be sho.

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Thumpin at Thumpers

I have never been to Thumpers before but we had our most recent happyspokane party here and it was definitely a good one...if you weren't there you missed out. They have an awesome jukebox, huge drop down screen for massive sports games, poker tourneys, arcade games, pool tables, and cheap liquor and booze. This was a great place to have our was fun. Check it out next time you are on the north side, you shant be disappointed.

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All in the Name - Goodtymes Bar and Grill

If you have not been to Goodtymes yet for their happy hour then you are missing out. Every weekday from 5 to 6 you can get domestic beers or well drinks at two for the price of one. Or, buy two at half price as they like to say. This is an incredible deal. If you find yourself there on a Friday then make sure to say hello to my brothers. I often wonder why they frequent Goodtymes every Friday. Is it the amazing happy hour prices, the scrumptious nachos, or the outgoing waitresses? I recommend you go there and decide.

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 05/27/09


Red Wine

Vin Rouge is known for more than just their red wine. Happy hour starts at 2:30 and goes until 5:30 and runs again from 9 until close. During happy hour you can find a menu of plentiful sandwiches, salads, breads and more. You will also find discounted beer, wine and martinis. I enjoyed a chicken sandwich with a tootie frutie martini and was very gratified. The service was first-class, the sandwich was more than enough and the martini was fabulous. You will love this place!

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 05/27/09


Great Wine - Downriver Grill

Hello everyone and thank you for reading another installment from the Lord of Libations. As many of you know the Downriver Grill has great food and a wonderful atmosphere. BUT, did any of you know that on Tuesdays you can get half price bottles of wine? I was there last night and I bought a bottle of the Lone Canary Barbaros for only $14. It was crazy good. Anyway, if you have not been to the Downriver Grill please do and if you can sit at the bar or in the patio. That is where I have had the most fun.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 05/26/09


Stir it Up

We had our most recent happyspokane party here (May 14, 2009, we have probably had another one by the time you read this, which would make the Stir party not the most recent anymore) and I had never been here before to eat. I live in the downtown area and rarely get out to the north side, but if I was going to recommend a bar for the northsiders, this would be the one. They have some fried artichoke hearts that were delish, especially after you dipped them in a creamy gorgonzola sauce, and for $4 during their happy hour you really can't beat that. This is the trendy, small, hip bar that the north side has been aching for. Bob Marley's song should really be their theme song. Stir it up at Stir, and bring a friend too.

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I < heart > Waddell's Taps - Waddell's Neighborhood Pub and Grill

Here's some of the new beers on tap at Waddell's on South Regal:

Dales Pale Ale, Moms Hefewiezen from Rogue, Chipolta Ale from Rogue, Laganitas Maximus IPA, Stone Pale Ale, Rogue American Amber, Alaskan Weitber, MOOSE DR(.)(.)L, and last but not least: the XS Imperial IPA by Rogue.

Thank you Waddell's, for just BEING YOU.

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Patio on the water - Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery

If you're like me, and you should be, you love this time of year because it is the time of year for...the patio...and the drinking on the patio...and the friends and the drinking on the patio..and soon 12 hours has passed and you are still on the patio and it's 2am on the patio...and they are asking you to leave. I went to Bardenay a couple weeks ago and basked in the sun, drank champagne, and enjoyed the beauty of Coeur d'Alene and the water. Although I wasn't there 12 hours, I could have been, it was so comfortable. I'm off to Bardenay again this do pretty much the same damn thing.

Posted by: on 05/15/09


Multitude of Martinis - Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar (South Hill)

I recently had a chance to spend a night out with two of my best friends and talk about old times. We decided to meet where we always meet when we want to reminisce, Twigs. Twigs on the south hill is the perfect place to bring a date, take the family for dinner or just hang with friends. The girls and I love our martinis and Twigs has many to choose from. You will find the atmosphere appealing with a charming bar area that has a fireplace for the winter and an alluring outdoor patio for the summer. The food is fabulous. I recommend the quesadillas. If you get there in time for Happy Hour enjoy discounted martinis, beer and a great menu. I suggest you make Twigs your next night out. The only thing you will fret about is which one of the delicious 38 martinis you should order!

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 05/13/09


Good Atmosbeer

The Blue Spark is a great place to hang out with friends and have a beer or something a little harder. You have the backside of the place to hang or if you want a little more excitement stay up top in the main bar area. Last night we hung out, had some beer, and had just a plain old nice time. Lots of people to entertain and it doesn't hurt that the bartender is smoking hot! :)

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 05/09/09


Great People - O'Doherty's Irish Pub and BBQ Cater Co.

Last night at O'Doherty's we were actually sitting at the bar talking about what a fun place this is. I have frequented this place on several occasions and I had yet to see someone sing on the bar counter to add their dollar to the walls. Last night I got to see 3 different people in a row. It was fun and the whole bar got into it and cheered for them.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 05/09/09


Cinco De Mayo - Rancho Viejo (South Hill)

Yesterday was my favorite holiday, Cinco De Mayo. Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Battle of Puebla, in which a ragtag group of Mexican fighters soundly defeated the French army on May 5, 1862. But in modern times the day has become a time to celebrate Mexican heritage. I decided to celebrate at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Rancho Viejo on 57th, with a nice cold margarita. Ok, maybe two. I met my friends there around 5 and the place was already hopping. That did not stop my beloved bartender Jose from handing me my Rita on the Rocks on cue. They know me by name there. Happy hour is from 2 to 7 and you get Mexican Beer and Margaritas for only 3.50. That is a price that is hard to beat! You can find a full sized bar with plasma television sets which is great for GU games. The service was fast, furious and friendly even with the overwhelming crowd. It was a great night with scrumptious food. Thanks Rancho for helping me live the la vida loca!

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 05/06/09


Everything you ever wanted in a store! - Bottles

Beer and wine drinkers of the valley rejoice! Bottles is getting more variety and tastings every month. If you haven't been to their location at 3319 N Argonne Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99212 I highly suggest it. They have a huge beer selection, some great Ciders, and more wine than an uneducated lout like me knows what to do with. They will answer any questions you have and give you ideas if you tell them what you like. I was impressed with the selection of Northwest Microbreweries represented here as well. Even some rare finds from Rogue. A great way to spend part of your afternoon.

Posted by: on 05/04/09


Many people, few dancing, but plenty of good food and drink - Wild Sage

Adonis didnt do Bloomsday this weekend but to keep with the spirit, I ran seven miles Friday and worked up a good appetite for that night. Aphrodite and I first stopped at Zolas for a bit of after work people watching. Aphrodite enjoyed the signature Zola-Tart-Tini; Pineapple/7-up infused with Stoli Razberi. I partook in the $1.00 drafts of Bud Light as part of the happy hour. $1.00 beer is hard to beat. After enjoying some company with friends downtown, we eventually headed up to Wild Sage American Bistro on 916 W. 2nd Ave. The 9-Close happy hour is popular one with us as we enjoy a bite to eat right before engaging in whatever debauchery the night may have in store. We had the Sirloin Skewers, Navajo Fry Bread, 2 whisky sours and left with change after tipping from our twenty dollar bill. When we were ready to hear some music and dance we headed over to Uno Super Club & Lounge and Marquee Lounge. Music was good, lots of people, but nobody was dancing. The streets and bars were filled with a very chill vibe leading to mostly socializing being done. Not your typical night of dancing, but we enjoyed the people, friends and atmosphere that both places brought. These places never fail to disappoint. Tune in midweek for the Adonis plan for the next weekend. Dont forget your Mothers as next Sunday May 10th is Mothers Day!

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Oh Luscious Luna - Luna Restaurant and Catering

I had the pleasure of checking out Happy Hour with friends at Lunas last night and I was not disappointed. I was thrilled to see the menu consisted of 5 dollar meals. Wow, in this economy who would not love that? We loved the pizza!! The martinis were tempting at a discounted price as were the 4 dollar glasses of wine. If beer is your thing, they have a lot to choose from. Make sure you say hi to the bartender as all the servers were more than gracious. When the sun comes out you will love the outside patio. This will be your new favorite place to meet friends after work. See you there.

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 05/03/09


Wonderful Wallaby - Outback Steakhouse (Valley)

Do you need to relax after a long day of shopping at the valley mall? Does a cold frozen peach beverage sound like the perfect ending to your shopping spree? Walk over to Outback Steak House for their wonderful Wallaby peach frozen house drink. They have a nice size bar area that consists of both booths and tables. Appetizers are plentiful if you are looking for a light snack. I enjoy the coconut shrimp. The Outback is known for their Wallaby but they also have great frozen margaritas. I sometimes enjoy mixing the two together. After a long day of shopping, you really should stop in for a Wallaby

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 05/02/09


TGIF: An Adonis Odyssey

The weekend is here and Adonis and his Aphrodite are excited to try a few new places. The Wild Sage is on the list for tonight as well as the Marquee Lounge. Join us at these spots or be sure and check out the rest of the great deals on See you all Monday.

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Irish half and half - O'Doherty's Irish Grille

Stop into O'Doherty on any afternoon and you will find 2 kinds of people. Those who are in love with the place, and those that are there for the first time. The atmosphere screams small town pub but the menu is where the goods are at. If you're a beer lover there is something for everyone. Classic half and half with Guinness and Harp, microbrew, and even the big names if you must. For those of you looking for more from the motherland, try a Smithwick's or get 2 fingers of Jameson neat. Once you have business out of the way get down to pleasure. The paistie is outstanding, the BBQ sandwich is amazing, and even the Irish Dip is better than most. Top it off with their cheese fries and you're in for a long afternoon of being full and happy. This isn't for you calorie counters, I suggest the shepherd's Pie.

Posted by: on 04/30/09


Beer Spotter - Trout Slayer Ale - Morty's Tap and Grille

My reliable source informs me that Morty's Tap & Grille has the Trout Slayer Ale (from Big Sky Brewing) on tap, as well as the Longhammer IPA and the Manny's Pale Ale. The cute bartenders make the trip south totally worth it.

Posted by: on 04/30/09


Stone IPA at the Baby Bar - The Baby Bar

Heads up all you HOP HEADS - The Baby Bar has STONE IPA on tap - oh yeah. "A well-behaved IPA" for the Baby-Bar Tuesday price - it just doesn't get much better, really.

Posted by: on 04/29/09


Beer Spotter - Dales Pale Ale at Flamin' Joes - Flamin' Joes

My agent in the field informs me that Flamin' Joes has Dale's Pale Ale and Pipeline Porter ON TAP. See you there!

Posted by: on 04/29/09


Beer Spotter - - Waddell's Neighborhood Pub and Grill

My agent in the field reports some MAJOR good beers on tap at Waddell's on South Regal: Moylands IPA, Hop Henge IPA, Immortal IPA, Slipknot IPA, DogFishHead 90minute IPA, Terminal Gravity IPA, Anderson Valley IPA, Alpha Dog IPA, Hop Devil IPA, Guinness, Young's Chocolate Stout, Hoegaarden, and the Bass Pale Ale. All these AND the **Guinness 250** which is the original recipe that was brewed 250 years ago. (they are calling it their Anniversary Beer)

"I'll get my hat."

Posted by: on 04/29/09


All about the Atmosphere - Catacombs Pub

I was lucky enough to go to one of my favorite restaurants that oozes ambience. If you have not been there you must take your sweetie. I went there with mine for their terrific happy hour menu. First let me get to the most important part of the night, their fabulous raspberry martini. You just cannot stop at one. They have six dollar pizzas that almost feeds two and terrific salads. This is a great place for dinner and drinks.

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 04/28/09


The Blvd: You spin me right round.

Anybody who has not checked out the Blvd's new location must do so during their next night out on the town. The Blvd is now open in its new spot on 230 W. Riverside where some may remember The Zombie Room was located. I had only been to the Blvd a handful of times when it was down on Spokane Falls Blvd as there was never an aligning of the planets when it came to my taste in music and what they were offering on the given free night I may have had. When I found out it was 80's Prom Night on Saturday night, I couldnt wait to see how the new place looked. The drinks were great, the BBQ is still the best, and it hasn't lost the old Blvd feel either. Speaking of BBQ, you must try the BBQ sampler! It is a very generous platter offering a variety of their finest BBQ appetizers and it is one of the best in town. It was a great pre-booze snack for our party of four. The drinks are strong, generous and cheap so, needless to say, the Adonis approved. Try the Lemon Drop. Even though it's not the Adonis drink of choice, I snuck a sip from somebody else and it was very good. Then there was the music. Now I know why they call the show "I love the 80's" as it reminded the Adonis of his youth and brought back more memories than I have time to share. An 80's Prom Night theme is much needed every now and then. We all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly while we danced and played name that tune all night long. The service was great and everybody is friendly there. Go check out the Blvd in its new location!

Posted by: on 04/27/09


Last Saturday - Morty's Tap and Grille

One of my good friends just moved into the apartments very close to Morty's so i am finding myself frequenting the place a little more then normal. Morty's has great happy hour specials and also some great dinner specials like all you can eat spaghetti and steak and bakes. Check their web site often to keep up on the deals.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/25/09


Why is the greatest thing ever?

It's the weekend everybody and is the place to find out what is going on and where it's going down. The Adonis Pimp will be gallivanting around the downtown area on Saturday, so you will have to wait until Monday to see what he uncovers. What should you do in the meantime? Call a few friends (text or tweet if that is more your bag), grab your hottest outfit and then check out for the latest info on spots to drink/eat/party this weekend. The Adonis Pimp recommends: Friday: For an after work drink and bite to eat try The Steelhead Bar & Grille or The Library Lounge. For a night of dancing with Spokane's best DJs try The Alter Knit Lounge, Uno Supper Club & Lounge or Marquee Lounge. Saturday: Adonis will be at the Blvd (80's Prom Night), Alter Knit Lounge (Ladies Night, $2.00 Well Drinks for Ladies), and maybe even the Casbah Night Club (always hot on a Saturday night). Remember when making those plans and always drink/party responsibly. See you Monday.

Posted by: on 04/24/09


Introducing: The Adonis Pimp

Welcome to the first installment from The Adonis Pimp. The one and only Spokane Adonis promises to bring you unique and insightful glances into the Spokane area nightlife including but not limited to restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Besides indulging you with my take on establishments I find myself in, I welcome all suggestions and requests for reviews. Not sure you want to risk your night at an unproven spot you know nothing about? Summon the Adonis Pimp to answer your questions about the place you have heard so much about but have yet to check out for yourself. Be sure you check in often at to find out where Adonis has been lately and don't forget to drink and/or party responsibly.

Posted by: on 04/22/09


Let's get Litz'd - Litz's Bar & Grill

Recently, when it's late, and I'm in the middle of writing my memoirs or snacking on caviar, I like to take a drink break. Usually it's best to get out of the house, so where do I go? Litz's! "Why Litz's?" you may ask... Well originally it was because it's right across the street from my house. But after my first visit inside I realized there is more than meets the eye. My friends and I love going to Litz's because they have pool, shuffle board, an internet jukebox, and very convenient back patio for smoke breaks. Being the "Irish Trash Can," what else can I say about Litz's? I feel like family there.

Posted by: on 04/21/09


Open Mic

If you're looking for the best place to find local music in Spokane, look no further than the Empyrean. Not only that but they are truly one of the best places to get your coffee fix in Spokane. Whether there is a show that night or an open mic, there are always great indie tunes pumpin'. They even have local art on consignment so if you're looking for something beautiful to put above your bedpost, check this venue out. Though not really a bar, they do provide cheap deals on tasty beers.

Posted by: on 04/21/09


Hill's Beer Taps - not for NOOBS - Hill's Restaurant and Lounge

If you decide to go drink beer at Hill's (Main & Washington), you better be in the mood for some of the finest beer available. I met some peers (MOL) Tuesday evening and I must say that stopping after only two CHOPPERS RED ales does not sit well with your old Uncle Hop Job. This stuff reminds me of the Red Alt that the Fort Spokane Brewery (RIP) used to serve. I must have MOAR.

Posted by: on 04/21/09


Music and fun - Bluz at the Bend

Bluz at the Bend is a fun restaurant and bar. They have a great stage and if you don't want to listen to the band the place is big enough to go to the other side and play some pool or just hang out. Good bar food and good beer.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/18/09


Old Reliable

The Blue Spark is always someplace you can go. If you have been hanging out at Raw or Jimmyz or Uno and want to have a beer before you head out, this is the place to go. I have had a great time here last Halloween and last St. Patrick's Day. Great place and lots of fun.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/18/09


It's Still There - C.I. Shenanigans

I really just want all those people who never get around the convention center to know that C.I. Shenanigans is still there and just as good as ever. It is a great place to sit and have a beer especially with this nice weather and you can sit on the path by the river and watch all the babes walk by. Super fun!

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/18/09


Fun Little Bar - Tonicx

Tonicx is great. Even if you are Downtown or on the South Hill you should check out Tonicx. It is a great little bar right next to the pita pit. They have some healthy pita snacks and a good selection of alcohol.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/18/09


Lettuce Wrap - P.F. Chang's China Bistro

P.F. Chang's has a great atmosphere and great food. They also have some pretty fun drinks on the menu. Even though the lettuce wrap is a little difficult to eat it is yummy and fun because you get to try it a few different ways. You don't get too much more convenient either, since it is right across from River park Square. Lettuce Wrap, drinks and a movie or shopping, do you need anything else?

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/18/09


Fun on many levels - PJ's Bar and Grill

PJ's is great because you can drink on about 5 different levels in this building. You walk in, step up, step down to the bar and order, then you have your choice of where you end up to finish the drink. I have not eaten here so I can't tell you anything about that. I would imagine they have great bar food. Don't be fooled by the door either, this is a fun place.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/18/09


Food and Fun

Where else can you watch Finding Nemo while you are eating sushi? It is actually fun in a weird way. Don't forget to stop by after work for a drink and some food.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/17/09


At the corner of Cedar & Liquor-Store - Sushi Yama (Downtown)

My agent in the field did a drive-by this morning and informed me that Sushi Yama is now open! You may remember this place as the Arctic Circle at the corner of Cedar & Liquor-Store, which has just opened as the newest sushi joint in the Downtown area. My agent in the field and I met for a light lunch, which was a Sushi Sampler ($15), a "Las Vegas" roll ($10 and SUPER GOOD) and a couple pieces of the swordfish nigari. This was the toughest lunch decision I've made in a long while, because their menu is quite extensive! It was decided that the next time I go, I will have to try one of their Korean dishes, which looked quite appetizing. I can hardly wait.

Posted by: on 04/15/09


Humongo - Ionic Burritos and Cosmic Quesos

I stopped in Ionic Burrito the other day on my "tour de happy", and got this monstrous burrito. I mean monstrous. So massive that I ate part of it there, and felt that I was making such a pig of myself, getting it all over my face and nose and I think a little sour cream got in my eye, that I asked for a to-go box to eat it at home. They have a very large selection of toppings and choices, including, 6 different tortillas, 3 bean choices, 6 different protein options, and a huge selection of veggies and different hot sauces. They also serve beer and wine, my guess to keep the thirsty Zags happy. On their website you can download an order form and fax it in to get your burrito to-go. As their ad declares, "size really does matter", they aren't lying, their burritos are humongo.

Posted by: on 04/14/09


Good Beer - Steam Plant Grill

If you are not aware of the Steam Plant Grill then you need to be. They brew their own beer that covers the gamete of tastes. They are located in the Steam Plant which is a super cool place. Make sure to head down to check it out.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/11/09


Summer is officially around the corner - Elk Public House

I just got word that the Elk Public House is all set to open their patio today. Time to ring in the beginning of sunshine season with a moon burger, side of corn pasta salad and maybe a mojito or (bloody mary). No better way to enjoy the warmth and watch the comings and goings of Browne's Addition. Let it shine!

Posted by: on 04/10/09


Perfectly Hot & Naughty

Stopped by Aqua for a quick snack on Friday afternoon with the girl of my dreams. I made sure one of us had the spicy tuna roll - I love it when they say "spicy" and they mean it. With no wasabi added, these rolls have a chili-kick that is perfectly hot and naughty. Adding a bit of wasabi kicks it into an experience that no spice lover should miss out on. I cooled off with a TWO DOLLAR Mac & Jacks, and she couldn't pass up the Pyramid Hefeweizen for the same price. Aqua's HappyHour is currently 4-6pm, and all day on Wednesday, with a 10-midnight thing Thurs-Fri-Sat. Their happy-hour menu is pretty long, with some nicely-priced sushi rolls and other great apps. I suggest you graciously accept their generosity in the near future.

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Wednesday = "Hump Day" - The Baby Bar

Every Wednesday I get sporadic text messages from various friends saying, "bby br 2nite?" or "OMG BABY BAR!!" Usually my responses go something along the lines of, "Sorry but I can't get drunk on a Wednesday night!" But then I get the follow up texts of, "...but it's dollar Pabst and dollar Grilled Cheese," at which point I usually cave and proceed to the Baby Bar. Entitled Hump Day and with good reason, I always enjoy myself Wednesday nights. Last Wednesday I was pleasantly surprised with the local DJ, James Pants, kicking out the dance tunes. The best part is there was no cover! The owners of the Baby Bar must really understand this current economic downturn because they are always having free entertainment. It's almost as if they are shooting to becoming the poster child of with their great deals and free entertainment. Keep it up Baby Bar, we love thee.

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Dance Party - Jimmy'z Fine Food Spirits and Lounge

Had a great time last night at Jimmy'z. I really like the dance floor because it does not take very long to fill up so I can hide my ridiculous dance moves.

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VIP Central

This place is pretty fun but you gotta dress the part. Usually a good group of people here. I am hoping the really like the site and want to make me an honorary member of the Super VIP Area with the lockers. :)

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Cinco - The Game

We went to Uno last night, and by we I mean, Lord of Libations and his two lady tykes, and then later I met my husband there, Prince Sloshed Skinflint. I partook of this happy hour twice last night, and as Jamaicans say, if its nice play it twice, so I did. I am definitely giving them cinco stars for the overall experience, down right excellent food and presentation. First off I would like to say that they have an extensive happy hour food menu, larger than most places you will see. If you love happy hour more for the food and less for the booze, then this is the place for you, although they do have $5 premium wells. We started out ordering four different appetizers to share and we were pleasantly surprised. All the appetizers are half off so you can get the delicious bistro fries served with a cheesy chorizo sauce for like $3.50. We also got an olive sampler with pita for $3, a goat cheese and pesto, balsamic glazed mushrooms, sundried tomato and olive tapenade, and a Spanish hummus sampler for $4, and chicken skewers for $3.50. Once Prince Sloshed Skinflint showed up, he order a flatbread pizza with pesto, goat cheese, roasted mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, pine nuts and white truffle oil, that set him back a whopping $3.50. For the quality of food this place has to offer, you get the most bang for your buck here. So, remember cinco stars at Uno.

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Combo # 9 - Cathay Inn

Remember back in the olden days when you use to get free tea in those metal tins at all Asian restaurants? Well, now most places make you pay for it, and I can tell you that really alters my ego. But, at Cathay Inn, the tea is free, and never-ending, and tasty. I went there for my great aunt's 85th birthday party, I know, a total snooze fest right? Well, it wasn't too bad, not bad at all. I got the combination platter which had chicken chow mein, fried rice, sweet and sour pork, deep fried shrimp, and an egg roll, all for around $13. This is obviously no happy hour price, but they do have a happy hour in their lounge. For the amount of food we got (I ate it for lunch the following day too) it was worth it. The service was spot on and that's hard to do for a party of around 40 people. Who is Cathay though? That's my only concern. 5 minutes later... I just looked it up, Cathay isn't a person, it's an alternate name for China. So, ya, pretty much I am a total idiot. And no, I wasn't born in Spokane.

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unexpected - Jimmy'z Fine Food Spirits and Lounge

One might think that you go to Jimmy'z just on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night (or all 3 when you're having one of THOSE weeks) and you get your groove on and patrol the scene for the hotties that line the bar...something you may not know if this is your schedule is that Jimmy'z is open all week and has really good food, seriously good. Aaaaand, they have happy hours that are particularly affordable...I was shocked when I received my bill. Thursday is Ladies Night...and it is pretty fun to be a lady at Jimmy'z on out though, those vodka sodas go down too easy and the next thing I know I'm performing my 5th grade jazz dance routine, but that's okay. I am a wicked dancer.

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TappaTerrific - The Game

Hello everyone. I had the opportunity to stop by Uno the other afternoon for their happy hour and I was not disappointed. There is a special menu with all the Tappas on it that is 50% off. We feasted on amazing food for very little coin. Worth the trip but it does not open until 4:00 so you will have to wait until then.

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when I'm serious - Clinkerdagger

When I am being serious about happy hour, I go to the bar at Clinkerdaggers and since their happy hour only goes from 4-6, I have to get their at 4:55 and I have to be serious about ordering my food and drink before 6. This gets a little crazy when I know I want to drink 2 drinks (okay fine, sometimes it's 3 and I can't drive home so I have to get a ride and then figure out how the heck to get back to Clinkerdaggers at 7:30 in the morning, but whatever, alcohol makes you think that's an easy operation when it really isn't). But the deals are amazing, I always get a $4 cocktail or wine and then 3 appetizers at around 5 bucks. I always give into the sweet potato fries even though I tell everyone that I won't have any and then they show up and I eat a dinner plate size of them. This place gets crowded....seriously crowded, so just get there right after work or whatever it is you're doing. Enjoy, it's delicious.

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Garland - Brown Derby Tavern

If you are hanging around the Garland area in need of some drink then look no further then the Brown Derby Tavern. It's a small place but it is just what you are looking for in a neighborhood bar.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/28/09


SSYP Event - Herbal Essence Cafe

Although Herbal Essence does not have a happy is still a fun place to meet and have a drink. We had some appetizers and the artichoke dip was phenomenal.

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Mr. Panda - Dick's Hamburgers

Not only is the name cool (we all love the name) but so are the whammys and fries. Although it is littered with folks with cardboard signs and people spanging (for those of you who don't know, that's slang for spare changing, yea I'm cool) they've got an awesome, down right delicious, gut bustin, grease-ball, heart-attack in a styrofoam box, burger au perfection (said with a French accent), called the whammy. It is my absolute, at the top of the list, favorite place to go to get a burger in this town and it's like $1.29. Does it get any better??? Now, their fries are shrouded in controversy, you either love 'em or hate 'em. I love 'em, especially with their tartar sauce. I can get my favorite peanut butter banana milkshake, a whammy, and a small fry for like $4. Cant beat that, no sir. Dick, Mr. Panda, the hamburger extraordinaire, I love you and your whammy.

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Yummy! - Tacos Tumbras

If you have not experienced this place then you are missing out.

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Real Mixology - Bistango Martini Lounge

I have been to this hip little bar a few times and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I was completely amused with their decor and use of space and not to mention the extensive and unique martini menu. They turn mixology into an art. Every martini is hand crafted and huge. If you like art and martinis this is where you wanna be. Details are key at this classy martini bar in the heart of downtown.

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No Purchase Necessary - Bigfoot Pub and Eatery

I will be updating my blog whenever I find a bar or restaurant that offers anything free, meaning, no purchase necessary. Bigfoot has a free popcorn machine! Rock on! Load up on the salty delight and then stock up on some beer from the bar while you play some pool. Bigfoot has been there forever, I remember my mom telling me stories about when she use to go there when she was just a tot. So, if you like good old-fashioned pubs that serve up free popcorn and are actually open until 2am, this is the place for you.

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Booze, Food, Pies...Oh My

My family and I went here for an early lunch about a week ago. We were taken aback by the huge amount of stocked bottle beer and local wines. They have an impressive inventory for what use to be a fruit stand when I was a kid. You are welcome to pick out a bottle and drink it while you dine in or you can mix and match a six-pack to go. The food we had was good with typical diner fare of burgers, club sandwiches, and fish and chips. Some of the more creative choices are the deep fried green beans served with ranch and the beer cheddar soup served with beer bread. They will be open later in the summer and will have a fire pit out on the patio so you can drink your 22oz under the stars that you can actually see because of Mcglade's Northern location. If you get out there, they have some yummy in my tummy hard cider, make sure you get one to drink with one of their frozen homemade apple pies you can take home.

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Driving with Chopsticks - Gordy's Sichuan Cafe

I stopped in here for lunch, to go, one day when I was driving all over the South Hill. If you aren't looking for it you won't see it, so keep your eyes peeled. I got the chicken chow mein and it was gooooood. The veggies were fresh, crisp, and not overcooked or mushy and the sauce was unique, not store bought. I ate it in my car, while continuing to drive all over the South Hill, with chopsticks and it was deliciously messy. Is there a law against eating chow mein with chopsticks while driving? If not, there should be, which would leave you no other option but to eat in their restaurant, and what a good option that would be. It's small and charming and is decorated with local art. Gordy's is a tiny hidden jewel among a city of crappy Asian cuisine. Make this your new favorite place, you won't regret it.

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Tassel Socks - Northbowl

I don't really understand why they call this place Northbowl when its not really north, Lilac Lanes should be called Northbowl. What I do know is that Sundays are a happenin' night. For $6 a person from 9-midnight you get to bowl for two hours and this includes your shoe rental. It's a damn good deal and the alley is always full so try to get there early to reserve your lane. Don't forget your socks though, it will cost you $4 for a pair but on the plus side they have a cute tassel on the back that shows off the curviness of your ankles so wear shorts if you forget your socks.

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Swirled Rye - Alpine Bistro and Bakery

We live within walking distance to this little bistro/bakery on Monroe. We have gone there a few times, mostly to pick up a loaf of their swirled rye bread that is massive in size and baked fresh for $4. We have also gotten some tea. My husband is a nut for loose exotic teas; his favorite is at this bistro. They serve up omelets, quiches and things of that nature. If you take a stroll through Riverfront Park pop out on the northwest area of the park and scoot into this cute cafe.

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Sweet Happy Hour

All day Wednesday Aqua has their happy hour goin on. $5 sushi rolls and $2 pints of Stella. It's like a slice of heaven and it is just right downtown. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can watch Finding Nemo on the big screen as you eat a spicy tuna roll.

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Great Lunch - Something Else Deli

Something Else Deli has been around for a while, probably because they focus on a few lunch items and do them very well. This is not a fancy place but it is a great place to meet and have lunch and they even let you order ahead online so it is ready when you get there.

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Little Gem - Little Garden Cafe

My mom took us to this little cafe for breakfast a while back and it is absolutely adorable. My husband had some loose tea that he picked out from about a dozen different choices and we all had some kind of salad or sandwich too. Very cute and comfortable and is kid friendly as well. Since it's right across the street from Audubon Park it would be great place to pop into and have a morning coffee or an afternoon breakfast after a walk in the park.

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Pot of Gold - The Melting Pot

I have heard good things about this place so my husband and I decided to spend our 1st anniversary here and we were not disappointed. I checked out their website which is totally cool, even if you never go to the restaurant, at least go to their website. We had a four course meal which included a cheese fondue of your choice served with veggies, granny smith apple, and bread, a salad of your choice, the main course which included, beef, chicken, pork, lobster, shrimp, ravioli, and a myriad of dipping sauces and then there was the dessert...oh the dessert. You are allowed to choose which style of chocolate fondue you want, once you settle on that they bring you brownies, rice krispies, bananas, Oreo encrusted marshmallows, angel food cake, strawberries and the entire kitchen sink to dip into your bowl of paradise. We were there for about 4 hours and spent $100 including the tip, a photo they took of us, and an anniversary card that was waiting for us at the table. We didn't think this was so bad, about $12.50 an hour per person for a great experience. The ambiance is beautiful and very private so it's perfect for a special occasion. Check out their happy hour where 2 people can get 2 martinis and split either a cheese or chocolate fondue for $22. That's a damn good deal and well worth just the atmosphere. Melt into a pot of deliciousness, I dare you.

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I was thinking of... - Something Else Deli

No, you weren't thinking of somewhere else, you where thinking of Something Else. I stopped by here on my way to work for lunch a couple weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised. You really wouldn't expect a deli in its location and I have driven passed it a million times and never seen it, but I definitely see it now. I just had a regular old sandwich but you could tell that it was fresh and it hit the right spot. They have a hodgepodge of different kinds of house made salads ranging from green salad to potato, macaroni, and fruit salad. Grab an espresso and have a sandwich or scratch made soup and trot along back to work.

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On Fire - Sparky's Firehouse Subs

I grew up on a farm and we had Velveeta and ham sandwiches everyday at noon. Now that I am older I have continued with the sandwich fetish but I have liberated myself from the artery clogging Velveeta. I love sandwiches that are different and that you can't get everywhere you go. I had a turkey sandwich with fresh bread, sprouts, cream cheese, and cranberries...the sparks flew. This is a local and cute little shop and I like to support local shops over the ubiquitous Subways and Quiznos. Do it!

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All About The Innards - Neato Burrito

I used to stop by here on a regular basis when I worked downtown and get the chicken Thai burrito. All of their ingredients are fresh, well cooked, and they have a rather large assortment of toppings for the innards of your spinach tortilla (or whichever tortilla you may choose). The peanut Thai sauce that goes in the burrito that I always get is spicy and should be used sparingly for the weak mouthed. That burrito is positively neato. My sense of humor is quite peculiar and the staff here always seem to get it, which is a plus for me. That usually means that they are weirdos too and I like weirdos and...burritos. If you ever walk passed this little shop connected to the Baby Bar stop in and unleash your inner burrito lover.

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wine wine wine - Luigi's Italian Restaurant

I had to try to think of a place to meet my friend on Tuesday...and then I remembered Luigi's and their happy hour...especially that on tuesday the wine is half off..and then I remembered how much I love wine. And then I remembered how much I love Suzie the bartender, she makes me feel SO taken care of, I'm not kidding. I feel like when I was a kid and I wanted to stay home sick another day even though I was fine just because my mom paid so much attention to me...Suzie is very attentive. But, in a good way, not in the annoying server way. Anyway, back to wine. I always order a bottle..and pay about $12.

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Good Sushi - Ichiban Sushi Lounge

I have not been here at night but for lunch this place is great. I met a rep here for lunch and we had some great sushi in a nice quite atmosphere. Service was great and friendly and took care of our pop refills in a timely manner. In case you have not guessed that is a very important thing for me. I don't want an empty pop at any time during my meal.

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Chips and Salsa - Azteca Mexican Restaurants (Downtown)

I love chips and salsa and they are even better with a margarita. Azteca is a great place to have lunch or meet up after work. I think they have some type of taco night on Tuesday.

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Popeye - The Onion (Downtown)

I have never been a huge fan of The Onion, probably because of their clientele, but I do like a good burger. I was in there the other night and I did enjoy an unusual combination of ingredients between an onion bun. For anybody who gets easily fed up with the usual beef, tomato, pickle, lettuce, and mayo combo, you would be pleasantly surprised with the "Popeye Burger". This sailor's burger has a basic meat patty, spinach, grilled onions, bacon, and slivered almonds which is all topped with a lemon hollandaise sauce MMMMM...add their mouth-watering coleslaw, a pile of fries, and a dill pickle to the mix, and you almost have perfection in the form of a very unique and new way to serve up an old American favorite. Check it out after seven so you don't have to pay to park or head over to the North-side locale.

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Mango Madness - Didier's Yogurt and More

I have been coming here since I was a very small kid on Tuesday for their deeply discounted medium dish of frozen yougurty goodness. Back then it was 99 cents on Tuesday. Now, I think it's more like a $1.69 but still well worth it. Their target audience is the Whitworth students right across the street. So, if you don't mind all the college folks and a jam packed little café, head on over on Tuesdays for the good deal and try one of my favorite flavors, Mango Madness. For those of you that are diabetic or lactose intolerant they have sugar free and dairy free to fulfill your fancy, oh and by the way, Mango Madness is sugar and dairy free, so feel good about indulging. Its madness, I tell you, madness!

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Heavenly Baklava

Okay, I am not writing about this place solely because my friend owns it, but because it is really tasty and one of a handful of restaurants that far north that isn't a chain, which makes it a place that should at least be attempted instead of heading over to Red Robin, again. If you go there, I mean, when you go there, you need to get the baklava for dessert...oh my god...pure honey from the gates of heaven. They serve it slightly warmed and, Hail Mary, it's divine. I fancy gyros and I have had a seafood and lamb one, which both proved to be delightful. I would never really write about a restaurant's house salad, but theirs is really good. Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, kalamata olives, feta, and a pepperchini plus a flavorful Greek dressing make this my favorite house salad anywhere. In summer you can sit out on their patio and they have just recently started hosting some music. It's a unique restaurant for that part of town and it should be embraced for their Greek/Italian/Mediterranean feel. When you go in, say hi to Justin and tell him Princess Penny Pincher sent you.

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Arm Drippin' Good - Santorini Greek Cuisine

I stopped by here the other day because I was downtown, I was hungry, it was lunchtime, and they have lamb gyros, which just happen to be a secret indulgent of mine. I ate it while walking downtown; the juices ran down my arm, and it was blissful. This is my favorite place for gyros because I can walk in and pick it up and I don't have to be seated and waste my lunch hour. Mmmm Mmmm good.

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Happenin' Place - The Satellite Diner

Besides Shari's and Perkins, The Satellite is the only restaurant to go to late night that will serve you up some food, except all those 24-hour fast food joints. If I remember correctly they are open until 4am Friday and Saturday. They serve up regular diner fare but check out the French toast that is served with cream cheese and fresh berries. I have yet to go to The Satellite and not see someone I know, it happens every single time. The waiters like to turn the tables really fast so if you aren't going to order, don't bother going, they will ask you to leave. Also watch out for the bathroom, last time I was there the lock didn't work and the whole restaurant was staring at my ass when someone prematurely opened the door. Good thing everyone was still inebriated from partying it up so I blended in. All in all this is the "it" place to be in downtown Spokane after a night of drinking and a good place to be to unwind before your drive home.

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Bachelorette Party - Irv's Bar

If I was gay and I wanted to go to a bar with a bunch of other people that where gay, this is where I would go. This is a pretty cool bar where you can dance and not get hit on by men, if you're a woman. They have cheap drinks and good company. I know this a weird reason to like a bar, but of all the outdoor smoke areas; theirs is by far the coolest. It's outside but it's in between the two old buildings so you feel like you are among the cracks of the structure. Men, if your woman wants to have a bachelorette party, send her here, she will have no problems and you can sleep comfortably.

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Gracias - DeLeon Grocery and Deli

I happened upon the North-side location after I drove by it a few times and I saw that it said "Authentic Mexican Food." That statement peaked my interest and I decided to go, this was before it was really cool to dine here. I was thrilled to see that it is a market as well as a deli. Now, I don't pretend to be an aficionado on food from countries I have never been, but I can tell what tastes good, and this place tastes good, muy bueno. I had a burrito and since I had never heard of the place or seen a review for it, I assumed it would be humdrum; I was wrong, muy wrong. By the way, my Spanish is limited to muy, mucho, bueno, gracias, taco y burrito. This burrito was awesome, I would say one of the best I have ever had and I was shocked to hear that nobody knew what the hell I was talking about when I tried to tell them where it was. Just so you know, it's on Francis a few blocks east of Division, and there is another one by Heroes and Legends downtown. All I have to say to the makers of De Leon burritos is gracias, mucho gracias.

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Go Zags - Chairs Public House

If you are a Zags fan there is no better place to be. Except maybe in the Kennel.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/19/09


Apples to Apples

I had a great time meeting my favorite people and playing a game of Apples to Apples over some $1 PBR's. I have to admit though, the swarm of Lewis and Clark underage hipsters can be a bit much, but the art, music and low key vibe make for a nice distraction. This was definitely just the first stop in the night. As much as I love getting drunk on $5, I kinda feel bad for subjecting the bartender at our next destination to our board game and cheap beer buzz. But I suppose it was either that, or stay at Empyrean and drunkenly get a tattoo I would regret from the tattoo shop in the back of the bar. Sad, how those seem to be my only options.

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Reggadreknilc - Clinkerdagger

What the hell does Clinkerdagger mean? Is it someone's last name? Does it have to do with a short, sharp knife that is clinking? Is it Reggadreknilc spelled backwards, and if so, what does that mean? I still don't know its definition after a few Google searches and an exploratory hunt on their website but what really skins my knuckles is that my spell checker doesn't recognize this curious little word, and its beginning to make me itch. I guess this all doesn't matter, what does concern me is the awesomeness of their Happy Hour. Their appetizers are half off, and I know when I get a large dish of king crab artichoke dip and house made bread for $7.50 that I should praise the Happy Hour Kings, or Princesses, what-have-you. I had a yummy cranberry mojito, and I don't like mojitos, for $4. They also have $4 glasses of wine and draft beer for all you winos and beer guzzlers. The only downside is that they close early, but that's okay, just head over to Scratch for their late night Happy Hour.

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casual or sexy time, please

The only place downtown I can think of where on a Wednesday night I can take my mom out for a drink and then the next night meet my secret "date" I don't want anyone to know about for a night cap. Perfect lighting, amazing happy hour appetizers, and great service keep me coming back for more at least once a week. And I can keep my Mom happy and my love life quiet with a martini in tow the whole time.

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Beer, Beer, Beer - The Swamp Tavern

All hail The Swamp! I dig this little bar, mucho. It's unfortunate that they don't really serve much food, but I love the poppin' popcorn machine that cracks out loads of FREE yellow kernels of goodness that you can season with your choice of salt. What they lack in a food they make up in beer. I don't like beer, so it's imperative for a bar to serve the bitchy ones, and bitchy beers they have. My favorite is a Watermelon Bacardi or the Raspberry Framboise. For all the folks out there who like real beer, you shall be satisfied. They have some beers on tap and also a very, very large selection of bottled beers. Don't come here for liquor, this is a true tavern, as they only serve beer and wine. We usually head out there on Sunday nights to play pool and in the summer they open up the patio in the back that is equipped with a huge fire pit. Massive amounts of beer, pool, and a big fire outside, what more could you want? Music! And The Swamp delivers. Currently they have a blues night and periodically they have some other groups that they will book, mostly bluesy, R and Bee-y, rockster, kind of stuff. I have never been to New Orleans, but this is the impression they are trying to make, hence the music choice. Give it a try, it's a cozy, intimate little bar and is one of my personal favorites.

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Renaming Division - Tomato Street (Northside)

This is my go-to restaurant when all else has failed. I love their food, I love that their menu rarely changes; this means I can always get the same thing if I want to, every time. I have not partook of their bar or even ventured into it, but from the drink menu on the table it does look more than decent. My favorite thing to have here are the smashed sandwiches...delicioso. My parents took my family here when we were kids back when it was Tomato Brothers. I think there is a certain fondness in my heart for this restaurant because I loved it so much as a kid and couldn't wait to doodle all over the table while we waited for our food. The service here is always spot on and it's a great place to take the kids. I love this joint so much that I think they should rename Division, the road it inhabits, to Tomato Street.

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Da Bomb - Raw Sushi & Island Grill

I love Raw. Mainly because I love sushi and alcohol and I can get both here. I bring clients here for lunch so I can expense it and I go out here at night so I can watch Karaoke and hang out with my friends. The sushi is great especially "Da Bomb."

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/15/09


Kill the Keg

Now, the blue spark is not usually my kind of place to hop in for Happy Hour, mainly because they only have bar food, and I am a total Happy Hour-er for the deeply discounted food to match my extremely shallow pockets, but Sunday night they have multiple serial drunkards trying to kill the keg for $1 a pint. Since the Blue Spark has "no crap on tap," as they tout on their website, you know you will be getting your hard-earned moneys worth.

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Late Night Cuisine - The Satellite Diner

Well, well, well. I can honestly say that I have never had a drink at the Satellite Diner. I have, however, eaten many meals there that were all after 2:00 am. This place is great, just make sure that if it is cold out you don't sit by the door. I think this is really the only place besides old reliable Taco Bell to have some food to help absorb some of that alcohol you have been drinking all night.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/14/09


Cat Scratch Fever - Scratch Restaurant and Lounge

Is there anyone else out there who sings "Cat Scratch Fever" whenever they walk past this downtown restaurant? Well, maybe you don't, but if you ever see me there, remember Ted Nugent and his crazy naked ass. Anyway, back to what I am supposed to be talking about, Scratch has a fairly extensive Happy Hour menu that includes great deals on some appetizers (the calamari is a steal) beer, wine, and not to be forgotten, martini deals. On top of their regular Happy Hour they also have a late night HH starting at 10pm. Now, if you are anything like me, which I hope your not, it took me a few hundred times for the light bulb to go off that the reason they named it Scratch, is because everything is made from scratch. I thought they all had psoriasis or something, I think my light bulb needs to be dusted and the cobwebs swept away. Not to get distracted, but this whole "scratch" idea is really cool and they infuse it into everything. Even the Lollipop Martini comes with a homemade sucker. Don't be a sucker, be a lollygagger, and lolly your way into Scratch.

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St. Patrick's - Steelhead Bar & Grille

We had a great time down at the Steelhead for their annual O'Steelhead celebration. We had one of those Lizzie's Famous Hot Dogs and a couple of very large green beers and enjoying ourselves thoroughly.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/14/09


St. Patrick's Day

I brought my friends and my sleepy GF to Blue Spark late on the Saturday before St. Patrick's and we had a great time. Lots of people, lots of beverages and a great band.

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Love the Moose - Morty's Tap and Grille

If you have not visited Morty's on the south hill then you are missing out. It use to be a crazy place called the Wild Weasle or something. Well, the whole inside has been updated with new bathrooms and a fresh look. It is a nice place to sit around and have a beer and watch a game.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/14/09


Good Food - The Swinging Doors

Well, the swinging doors is a fun place to have a beer or eat some nice big greasy spoon type meals. I went their last week to have a bloody mary and some hashbrowns in order to kill a hangover. They have more TVs then you would think is physically possible so you will really not miss a game, match tourney or playoff. Oh yeah, and the staff are super fun and very friendly.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/13/09


Love this Place - Screaming Yak

One of my favorite things about the Yak is the name. It is fun and very unusual. The Screaming Yak offers up hard stuff and a decent array of beers both on tap and in the bottle. But, if you go hungry you must have their wings. I kid you not the Bourbon BBQ Wings are very tasty with just the right kick. I actually spend more time at the Yak in the mornings than I do at night because the breakfasts are great.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/13/09


Two Thumbs

This joint gets 2 shots, straight up, as Siskel and Ebert would say, although I think one of them is dead and their ranking system had something to do with thumbs. Aqua has one of the best Happy Hours I have been to, period. I am all over cheap food. Not only was it dirt cheap ($2 edamame, $2 firecracker fries, $2 select sushi rolls, and much more) but simply scrumptious. I was surprised to see a Kobe beef bacon burger for only $5, tasty meat, even more of a tasty price. I am not too big on the hard stuff (booze I mean), but they had premium wells for $5 a whack and the boys were really excited to get Old Chub for $2 a pint. Hit this place up, or at least give it a slight slap.

Posted by: on 03/13/09


Pizza up North - Fat Daddy's

Fat Daddy's is a great place to bring the family and have some great pizza or a calzone. This is a neighborhood type of restaurant that has a small bar inside that is just the right size. Every year when my children's soccer team is done for the season I take everyone here to eat and give awards out. There is a nice area in the back that we reserve and we have a great time handing out trophies.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/11/09


Smacking Good - Raw Sushi & Island Grill

Raw has always been a favorite hangout spot for me. I like to start out my night there with some sushi and then head out to the bars that only serve fries. It is so conveniently located next to other bars that I happen to like, and within short walking distance to the ones that I like even better. Raw has a fairly decent Happy Hour that includes 25 percent off the dinner menu. Which means you can get the lip smacking good Coconut Lime Seared Pepper Ahi with veggies and rice for $9. It don't get much better than that, but wait, it does at Raw. Half off selected wine and Sakatinis??? What did you say? I can get the Punani Martini for like $4? Rock it Raw baby.

Posted by: on 03/11/09


Fun Downtown - Zola

I really like Zola a lot. Not only did one of my friends build out the decor, including the amusement park seats upstairs, but because generally have some great bands playing their whenever I show up. You have to see to believe so make your way over there soon. Try to make sure it is a night when Rough Congress is playing cause they rock.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/06/09


Dance Off Pants Off

Alright, alright, alright already. I know that Casbah doesn't have a Happy Hour, it barely has food, unless you count Hungry Man frozen T.V. dinners for $12. I think their kitchen consists of a closet with a microwave in it. However, I love this place, it is in fact, my new favorite place to hang, especially on Wednesday nights when the live band, Skillet Jones, jams out like nobody's watching. They have cheap drinks and great atmosphere with a Dj in the Chill Room almost every night they are open, and either a band or Dj in the big ballroom. I have been writing on my blogsquawk for far too long today and I feel my creative juices tensing so, I will make this quick, go check out The Casbah and pick yourself up some juice with maybe a little vodka or rum in it and have a dance off pants off competition on the ballroom stage.

Posted by: on 03/06/09


Chicken Phad Thai - A Taste of Thai

For some reason I only get one item when I eat at a Thai restarant. Not sure why unless it was that time I did try something new and it was not fun with the squid or octopus or something. Anyway, this is not a bar but it is a place with great food so check it out.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/06/09



I went to Isabella's a few weeks ago and we had a great time. One of our friend's bands were playing and we enjoyed happy hour prices while we watched at about midnight. It was fun and the nachos were pretty good. Of course my favorite time here was last summer when we rented out the outside area. We had a lot of fun and it was great to watch all the people in line trying to get in Zola.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/05/09


Neighborhood Bar - Moezy Inn

This place is near and dear to my heart because it is close to my house and my sweet little GF and I have spent many evenings here sharing a beer and having a great time. With a decent beer selection and some TVs Moezy is a great neighborhood bar. If you see it as you head down Monroe don't be afraid to stop off at this down-to-earth bar.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/04/09


umm..pretty much the best - Rain Lounge

I love Rain's happy hour, hands down. I might love the bartender Lauren more than the happy hour itself, but that's okay. When I get there, Lauren has already started opening my HALF OFF bottle of T3, I'm not kidding...apparently I drink too much if the bartender has my latte before I even drive up to the window... And then there are the clams, and the edamame...these are weight watcher friendly foods people! And they are half off as well. I love half off anything...I think.

Posted by: on 03/04/09


Beer and Talk - Brooklyn Deli and Brooklyn Nights

The Brooklyn Nights part of the Brooklyn Deli is a nice place to sit and chat. As a matter of fact this is where I became acquainted with my GF. We had a great conversation and it ended up in what we have today.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 02/22/09


Comfortable - Rogue Coffee

I took my daughter to coffee here and it was a very nice, relaxing place. Comfortable chairs and good coffee led to a nice relaxing morning.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 02/15/09


Lovin the Sushi - Sushi.Com and Sake Bar

I love Sushi and if I am needing to take a client to lunch I will try to get them to come here. That way I can expense it of course. Anyway, if you have not already, please try the Harley Davidson, it is amazing.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 02/14/09


Bloody Mary

I have to tell you all that I went to Vin Rouge after a night of whoopin-it-up and I chose a bloody mary and a pesto flank steak breakfast and it really hit the spot. We had a great time and everyone there was very nice. Just a little hair of the dog to get us up and running again.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 02/07/09


Great Patio - Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar (Wandermere)

The Twigs up north is a great place to hang out and have a drink. I really like it in the summer when you can hang out on the patio and enjoy the sun and a beer.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 07/27/08


Food and Fun

Where else can you watch Finding Nemo while you are eating sushi? It is actually fun in a weird way. Don't forget to stop by after work for a drink and some food.

Posted by: on 11/30/-1


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